The Middle Eats Story

As I approach the two year mark of Middle Eats I thought I would get a little deep and share my reasons for creating the blog in the first place. It’s not a great story, actually it’s quite sad, but I’ll share it anyway – if you want to read it then carry on, if not, click away now.

Two years ago my mum became incredibly ill. She had surgery on her back and from there fell into a downward spiral, she couldn’t eat, sleep or walk properly, she lost about 35KG in a little over three months and I thought I was going to loose her. When she first got sick I spent as much time as I could looking after her, my boss was kind enough to give me some time off and early finishes to go see her in the hospital and when I was at home I basically became her nurse. I stopped going out as much, I spent most of my time trying to find a food she would be able to keep down – but nothing worked. [to find out more about her journey to wellness head over here]

I had never thought about writing much, I had thought about starting numerous blogs over the years but none of them came to anything; then one day I decided why not just write about food. I love cooking, I love eating out and I love experiencing food, so why not write about it. I imagine that I was like many bloggers, I started writing and didn’t really think anyone would actually read what I had to say, I’d just be taking up more space on the internet. But it kept me sane and my mind off my mum for a few minutes a day. So I started writing; I figured my way around WordPress and just started typing. My early stuff was weak, it was very cut and dry, here’s how it is but it was a gateway. I found myself loving every letter I typed more and more and suddenly the bug had got me.

I found solace in my blog, it was my escape from everything else going on and just when I was about to stop I started being contacted by PR companies – someone was actually reading what I was writing! Someone wanted me to write about their clients!

So that’s it really, from there I’ve been dining, cooking and writing as Middle Eats.

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