Blogger with cup that reads: Alway be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn


Welcome to Middle Eats, my little corner of the internet where I share my journey and multitude of thoughts with anyone and everyone who wants to read them.

Within these pages you will find articles, reviews, videos and downloads.

Group of friends enjoying brunch at UBK, Dubai
Brunch with the Family – that’s me on the right

I’m Kim and I am proud to be a born and raised expat kid living in Dubai with my other half and our sausage dog. After over 20 years in this crazy city I’ve had the amazing opportunity to explore and experience some amazing things both in and around Dubai.

After traveling the world, exploring amazing restaurants and consuming knowledge like it’s going out of fashion I have found my passion – writing and food as medicine, my aim with this blog is to help others live a health and happy life no matter what else is going on in their lives.

Five kids climbing a tree in South Africa in the early 2000s
A trip to South Africa with our family friends, I’m the one in the middle peering through the back and that’s my brother flexing on the right.

Middle Eats isn’t just about food and exploring; it’s about healing, love and health. As someone with Psoriasis, and as a result severe joint pain, finding a natural management system is paramount for me. I strongly believe in the power of food as medicine, I believe that a clean diet with all the right vitamins and minerals can go miles towards healing and helping – more so than pharmaceuticals ever can.

I only recently started my journey, and it has had its ups and downs, I struggle with food addiction and that has its own hurdles when it comes to maintaining my healing eating practices.

Couple standing together in a sports bar
A night out with my other half

When it comes to cooking, for me it is a release; the perfect way to destress after a long day, clear my mind and bring together the people I love.

I’m not a recipe follower as such, I am far more of a chuck it in and see what happens, keep tweaking until it works and serve, I love experimenting with flavours and ideas, but I also love keeping things simple; I live in a small home and I don’t have space to spread out a million things while I cook – plus I’m working on a pretty tight budget most of the time!

I follow a gluten free, dairy free and majority paleo diet so the recipes you’ll find on here are along that same vein.

Couple with sausage dog in the ocean in Fujeirah, UAE
My little family 2016

I believe in writing honestly and openly, my reviews don’t hold back and I pull no punches, I will share my experience as it happened, I do not buy into puff pieces and I will not lie to my readers for anyone so you can bet that everything I write in these pages it, to the best of my knowledge, true.


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