The blogosphere is huge, and with so many sites to visit sometimes you need a little direction, so here are some of my favourite blogs to visit.

Design and Conquer


A fashion, lifestyle and all things beautiful blog written by Milli Midwood. Based in Dubai this exciting blog combines the best of gorgeous clothes, exotic travel and mouthwatering food.

A Journey with Graves


Follow one woman’s journey to wellness as she overcomes Grave’s Disease, an auto-immune condition which effects the thyroid. This blog is real, down to earth and incredibly helpful for anyone dealing with a chronic illness looking for some support.

The Feel Good Revolution


A blog that holds nothing back, this is the realest of the real life for one woman and her adventures, from work to nutrition to starting a new life the posts are short and sweet for the most part but they certainly pack a punch. Give it a read and get inspired.

SandBlast UAE


Focusing on music, art and film in the UAE and promoting the local scene as much as possible this will be your go to guide for all things local, all things creative and all things fun.

Riding the Unicorn


Thoughts and opinions shared, this blog could change the way you see things, it will make you smile, pause for thought and sometimes maybe even cry.