Camels and Oil Fields

On your way around The Middle Eats you’ll find all sorts of little symbols on the reviews, incase you’re confused as to what they mean here’s a little key to help you out:


Middle Eats rates restaurants and products on a scale of zero to five camels.

0 CamelsZero Camels: don’t bother wasting your time with this.

1 CamelOne Camel: chances are you’ll have a terrible experience, save yourself the money and your time.

2 CamelsTwo Camels: probably alright, but chances are you could end up disappointed.

3 CamelsThree Camels: A pretty decent bet that you’ll enjoy it.

4 CamelsFour Camels: Really great experience, highly recommend you give it a go.

5 CamelsFive Camels: Why are you still sat here reading? Go try it yourself!

Oil Fields

The oil fields tell you how much a place will cost for two people – on average.

Under 100 DhsUnder 100Dhs

100 - 200100 – 200Dhs

200 - 300200 – 300Dhs

300 - 500300 – 500Dhs

500+500Dhs +

Everything Else

On the reviews you will also find other little symbols, this is what they mean:

Credit CardAccepts credit cards

Smoking AreaSmoking area available

 Home DeliveryHome Delivery

Outdoor SeatingOutdoor Seating

 BarServes alcohol

Local WaterServes local water


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