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10 Women you’ll Meet on a Night Out in Dubai

On a night out in Dubai you’ll run into a variety of different people, here are just a few of the ladies you’re likely to meet while cruising the town.

The Teacher

Cameron Diaz: I feel like getting drunk

You can always tell when it’s a school holiday, inspection time or reports have been handed in because the city will be buzzing with teachers ready to celebrate.

Don’t try and keep up with these ladies, they’re on a mission and have already turned off their 5:30am alarms because they don’t plan on getting out of bed until at least noon for a change.

You’ll easily spot them and their not so carefully choreographed moves on the dance floor.

The Air Hostess

Margot Robbie in PanAm Gif

If you worked in a tin can at 36,000ft and had to deal with rude, selfish and needy passengers all day you would need to blow off a little steam too. You’ll find these ladies of the sky in any bar with a Facecard discount getting trollied on the cheap – not to mention ladies nights – and with no flights for at least 24 hours they are out to party hard.

They’re stunning and their hair and make up is almost always perfect (at least at the beginning of the night) and they’ll often be found cruising the town with the rest of their crew.

The Woo Girls

HIMYM episode featuing Woo Girls celebrating at a bar GIF

You’ll hear them before you see them, their woos and squeals will ring out through the bar. From the way they greet each other you’d think they hadn’t seen each other in years when chances are they were at pilates together yesterday.

Admired for their ability to celebrate everything the woo girls are always up for a party but don’t count on them being able to hold their alcohol, the louder the woo the drunker the girl.

Often found on the dance floor in a circle occasionally pointing at one another, lip-syncing their hearts out their excitement is less infectious and more irritating.

The Escaped Mum

drunk woman trying to put a straw in her mouth

When blessed with tiny humans it can be difficult to find time for yourself and thing like going out and partying, so on those rare occasions when they are free to let loose they make the most of it – no holds barred.

Expect cringe-worthy dancing, cocktails and wine galore and constant reminders about how much they’ve “missed this”. Chances are that before the night is half way through their heels will be kicked off to the side of the dance floor but you can be sure that in the morning, no matter how much their head is banging, they’ll still be getting up and looking after their kids the next day.

The Bambi

Drunk girl stumbling in high heals GIF

Think big hair, bigger eyelashes, and sky high heels. These are the party girls who never leave the house for a night out without being dressed to the nines.

At the beginning of the night they are stunning, poised and somewhat graceful but a few proseccos in they teetering and tottering nine inches in the air doing an impressive imitation of a new born foal.

Be prepared for them making new friends on every trip to the bathroom and demanding a fast food on the way home.

The Power Woman

Red head woman walking down the street GIF

A strong independent woman who is often found in bars rather than clubs sipping on a good glass of grape or something stronger depending on the day.

She’s out to wind down after a long day and isn’t often looking to party, but if you can convince her to push back that morning meeting so she can stay out past closing you wont regret it.

The Cougar

Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me GIF

We’ve all see a Mrs. Robinson prowling the nightclubs looking for a younger partner. Often from one of two camps these women are either sheep in lambs clothing and trying a little bit too hard to hold on to their youth or powerful ladies who know exactly what they want and they’re there to get it.

Often found knocking back drinks with the “young-uns” at the bar and drinking them under the table they will be taking over the dance floor by the end of the night – and they always get what they want.

The SnapChat Babe


Giving a whole new meaning to being flashed these women live their lives through their phones, whether it’s taking 1000s of selfies – complete with the dog filter (you’ll see lots of opening and closing of mouths) – or filming anything happening on the stage it will all be on Snapchat by the morning.

Be aware, with these ladies you’ll never be alone again.

The Tourist


Looking a little bit out of place these are ladies are pretty easy to spot. How? They are in awe of everything. Meet them in the bathroom and they will be commenting on the size of the mirror, at the bar, the price of drinks, almost anywhere else, probably how amazing Dubai is.

Chances are you’ll get interrogated about life in Dubai followed by the not so short justification of why the three days they’ve spent here has made them decide to move over.

The Young Ones


Sneaking into clubs with a fake ID is a timeless tradition of adolescents but as society evolves it gets harder and harder to tell who is actually underage.

Dolled up to the nines this girls are often trying a little harder than they should be, they’ll accept any free drink offered – because pocket money doesn’t go very far covering the cost of cocktails in this city – and they travel in packs (a group of giggling girls who stick together no matter what is a pretty good give away).


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  1. This cracked me up!! those gifs you chose as well are awesome!! The Bambi though oh my haha so good. Ill keep my eye out next time im in dubai 🙂


  2. Loved reading this post. It was such an interesting and fun read. I am not a party/clubbing person usually but whenever I’m in a club I tend to try to guess people’s profession as a means of passing time and a little fun. 😉


  3. I didn’t experience the nightlife in Dubai but I can imagine all the flight attendants in the bars, at night. I have quite a few ex uni colleagues who work for the Emirates and post on their Facebooks only photos from the clubs in Dubai haha.


    • I’m pretty sure if they’re not on a plane they are on the beach or in a club! I have friends who are Emirates crew and that’s pretty much their life too!


  4. I’m not a fan of the nightlife so I guess I won’t meet all of these ladies! But this is a really fun post! I guess i would go and chill in some quiet bar with the other Power Women 😀


  5. This really made me chuckle. You can see almost all of those types of girls in my home town here in the uk, I even see some of my friends in some of these groups!


  6. This is so funny!! I have never been to Dubai but my friends in Dubai so mention a lot about the girls there. If I was there, I would most probably be the Tourist & the Snapchat Babe


  7. Haha I think you meet a lot of these women on a night out in any city, although no doubt more air hostesses in Dubai! I am definitely the escaped Mum! xx


  8. This made me smile! It’s been ages since I’ve been out, I’m definitely the .mom when I go out!


  9. Too cute! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been out to the bars, but as I smiled at each of those you menitoned, I could most certainly remember! My daughter tells me she always sees the Snapchat and Woo Hoo girls. x


  10. hahaha Sounds just like the US! I can totally visualize these people out and about on a Friday night. I have to admit to the underage gal in college. Hopefully, the others I can bypass becoming in my life. 😉


  11. This was hilarious, made me laugh! It’s so true and you told it in such a great way. Actually I thought there’s no night life in dubai, how wrong I was! Most of the types can be found in my city a well.


  12. I have never been to Dubai but now I can imagine how it looks like every night 🙂
    I would liek to work in a hospitality in a beautiful hotel in Dubai so maybe one day I will add “Hotelier” to your list 🙂


  13. Kim this had me in stitches all the way through with the images and the gifs! You’ve definitely got to have that snapchat babe – an essential to this top 10 list! Very well observed! xx
    Marina x


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