Tuesday Tales: Crafting Stuffed Potato Balls

When my brother was young my parents hired a lady named Nora to help around the house and look after the two of us when they ¬†were at work or out. She used to cook us lunch or dinner if mum and dad were out, she’d make snacks and bites that the whole family adored, my personal favourite were fried balls of mashed potato that were stuffed with delicious mince, they came out almost the size of my hand but I could still eat at least four in a sitting and that was only because I wasn’t allowed any more.

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Tuesday Tales: Learning to Eat Rice with my Hands

Rice. A staple source of carbs that goes with almost anything – though some of the combinations I enjoy I have noticed many people find questionable.

When I was very young, maybe three or so, I remember one evening Mary Lou, who worked for my parents and looked after me when they were out was on babysitting duty. She had friends over at the time, so I joined them in her room that was filled with the smell of delicious food cooking and I remember the three girls laughing and talking in Tagalong while i just smiled along, no idea what was happening.

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