A Letter to my Exceptional Other Half

Loving someone who’s sick isn’t always easy and I know that, I can’t even imagine what must go through your head most of the time as you watch me shuffle around on my bad days, brush my hair and cuddle me when I cry because it’s all too much. I often wish to get better if for no one else but you so you don’t have to worry, look after me and do all the heavy lifting, just to make your life that much easier.

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Gymphobia: Exercising Your Fear of Group Workouts

The gym, a ghastly place illuminated by fluorescent lights that make everyone look a little bit grey, where the terrible top 20 hits play at volume that’s a little bit too loud to be comfortable and backed by some 16 year old’s idea of a remix to give it that extra motivational umph. The walls are lined with mirrors that leave you with no illusions as to how your sweaty ass looks in your workout gear and you’re surrounded by people who look like they’ve been copy pasted from a fitspo instagram  account with their perfect hair, pert bums and arms that don’t flap in the wind and even sweat that seems to fall like it’s been put there by a photographers stylist; the gym is a terrifying, intimidating place for the unfit, unfamiliar and unmotivated.

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A Nikki Beach Dubai Experience

Dubai, the land of sun, sea and prosperity; the place where people come to become who ever they want to be. It doesn’t matter where you came from or who you were, here you can reinvent yourself the moment you step off the plane. There’s nothing wrong with that, this city hands you all the tools on a silver platter, from high end shops to world renowned restaurants and clubs – becoming the big I Am here is not a hard task, but does that mean that those of us who don’t want to become “so Dubai” should have to suffer?

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