Dinner Review: Blaze Burgers

Dubai is not a city where you struggle to find a decent burger, from the locally owned hot spots like Moylos, SALT & Meat Me There to the well known and loved international names like Burger Fuel, Five Guys, Cali Burger and now Blaze Burger.

For some reason the people of Dubai are obsessed with burgers, you will very rarely see an empty burger joint in the city, and if you do then it probably isn’t any good!

Blaze Burgers, founded in Bahrain, is home to one of the most Instagram famous burgers in the city, the 6abooga burger (aka, the brick burger) a 200g feast which features two cheese stuffed patties between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, really.

Not in the mood for a cheese overload though we opted to try some of their less heart attack inducing offerings. The way blaze burger works is that you choose your patty, either American Angus, Australian Wagyu, chicken or portobello mushroom. Then you choose your bun, white, brown or a lettuce wrap. Next is the good bit, your toppings. You can choose from 12 varieties including Heaven & Hell which has a whopping six red chillis! Then you choose your fries, and the toppings for those.

If, like me, you’re a fan of street art and Banksy, you’re going to love the decor, a distinctly urban eclectic style which blurs the line between industrial and diner; the walls are decorated with nods to the famous gurilla artist and other stunning examples of grafiti. The space is split into different seating areas including a high table or bar seating, large private booths or comfortable diner style tables and chairs.

From the decor to the wet wipes everything here has been taken into consideration and given a little quirky twist, at the end of the meal you can whip out a burger crime scene clean up wipe and get rid of the evidence. It’s little touches like these that make all the difference and really sets Blaze Burgers apart from its miriad of competitors.

Before you start your meal it is imperative that you choose your sauces, because what is a burger without a little hot sauce, ketchup or A1! Blaze Burgers have an impressive hot sauce selection, if that’s what you’re into, so you can spice up your burger until your heart’s content. So grab a basket, load up on your favourite condiments and prepare to feast.

Every burger is cooked to order, and you can tell, each burger is packed with flavour. Twinned with a milkshake it was the perfect burger meal. I devoured the Green Ranch burger with a lettuce bun, which was divine, light and perfectly cooked it was juicy and surprsingly easy to eat thanks to the large lettuce leaves – a rare fine as 9 times out of 10 you end up having to chow down with a knife and fork, so that was a massive plus.

Around the table we also had the Texas BBQ, Awesomeness Blaze and a Blue & Crunchy chicken burger and not a single complaint was heard from anyone. The fries are cooked to perfection, the onion rings are crispy and sweet and the service is exceptional.

I feel like the only downside to the whole experience was that Blaze Burger does not have local water, which if you know me, you know really winds me up.

By the time you’ve finished indulging chances are you’re going to be too stuffed for dessert – we were – but my god do they look tempting but we just could not bring ourselves to it, the burgers were just too good.

While Blaze Burgers may be a little more pricey than your average burger joint you get what you pay for, from the exceptional, friendly staff and speedy service to the flavour packed meals and array of options, there is a little something for everyone.

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