New Year, New Me

It is that time of year, the week between Christmas and New Year that people start promising themselves they will be better in 2018 – as if they were terribly behaved in 2017. Suddenly every one is making their list of

New Year’s resolutions

I will go to the gym, I will eat healthy, I will save money, I will stop eating chocolate, etc, etc, the list goes on.

But in classic New Year style by February they will be out the window and you’ll be on the same track as you were in February of 2017, and 16, and probably 15 – let’s be honest.

So why don’t resolutions work and why do we always use the new year as a time to make profound – and unrealistic – changes in our life….why do we have to make 12 months to decide that we really want to be better?

Honestly, I can’t tell you why, I could probably sit and do the research and dive into a deep hole of psychology and analysis of human behaviour but as I write this it is 6:30am on the 27th of December and I have things to do today…

What I can tell you though is why the resolutions don’t stick.

Because they are not goals. There is no clear intention. They are vague, overarching ideas of what you want to change in your life but you haven’t actually defined when you want to achieve it by, how you will and what you really want the outcome to be, You haven’t actually set yourself a goal.

Early in December i went to a vision board workshop held by A Journey to Wellness and I learnt a great deal about setting goals and creating the life that I want for myself in the year to come. I have had my vision board for almost a month and i look at it every day and I already feel clearer in my own mind about exactly what I want in the months ahead.

For me it is not about starting in 2018, that is just kind of the way it has worked out, but it is about finally putting into place some actual goals, so what are they?

  • To get back to a UK size 14 (in general, I know it will never be a 14 across the board with the way different stores size their clothes) by the end of the year.
  • To be in a job I enjoy with a liveable salary by the end of January.
  • To start our vlog and have the first video live by the end of January.
  • To finish my nutrition course by the end of January
  • To create my own nutrition programme for people with auto-immune conditions by the end of March.

As you can see my goals, bar one ongoing one, are short term and manageable, I have given myself a tangible way of knowing when i have achieved them. Once I have met my realistic goals I can add more, i do not have to wait until January rolls around again, I can change, update and create new vision boards as the year goes on in order to keep my goals and my vision aligned.

If you want to learn about the power of vision boards and learn to create your own and set actual achievable goals then check out this page.


  1. I agree very much! I have found that it is much easier to set and complete goals if the task is specific and/or quantifiable. It is difficult to provide direction to vague goals. Great post!


  2. These are awesome goals for 2018. I always love reading about peoples goals then going back later on and seeing if they accomplish them. I’m sure you’ll do great, keep rocking!!!! Happy new years!


  3. It is so important to set clear goals instead of vague ones. If a goal is specific and measurable, there are more chances that it will be achieved. Loved your post!


  4. Wishing you all the best this New Year. I do make goals too, but my issue is consistency. I tend to start off enthusiastic and then slack off as the months go by. I think I will try making a vision board too, and reduce my goals into achievable “chunks”


  5. Happy new year!
    Honestly, I no longer set new year goals/resolutions because I tend to just forget about them and feel guilty by the end of the year. instead, I’m just trying to do my best and enjoy my life to the fullest.


  6. When it comes to new year goals and resolutions, I try to pass it as it gives me a lot of pressure! I liked your short-term goals with time limit frame that is achievable


  7. For me, I need a reason to achieve the goals! and this year I have only two goals with clear reasoning about WHY i need to achieve them. Losing weight just because I can look good or fit in a certain dress is not enough reasoning for me!
    Love your post!


  8. I don’t make big resolutions. I prefer to make goals either monthly or weekly or yearly etc so I’m still working on myself but on a more productive scale. Great post, can relate a lot


  9. I agree with setting specific goals rather than the “eat healthy” ect because what’s healthy? I’m trying to eat less refined sugars this year along with some other personal goals.
    Ami xxx


  10. I also write a post about my goals for 2018. There are too many things I have to change. It seems I have not been able to log them together. I also enjoy reading articles like this from people. Wish you a new success!


  11. It’s mid January now, How is it going so far? I love the wheel as it keeps you focused. I’m not good with the whole resolutions story so I just wing it as I go.


  12. A vision board is such a great idea and I love your philosophy about resolutions. On a personal note, I really hope you decide to start a vlog. You’ve got so much really cool information to share with the world and a wonderful delivery style. I’m positive a lot of people would really be inspired by your story. x


  13. I hope this works out better for you. I think some very specific goals will be helpful in reaching what you want. Although I do know some people with resolutions who are very specific. But I hope you reach all of the goals you want for you.


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