Have you got an Avo’Club Membership?

Launched in 2012 by Emmanuelle Sawko, Comptoir 102 is one of the best concept stores in the city. The concept quickly became a favourite for healthy and vegan eating. The store, nestled in the heart of old Jumeirah, between sea and palm trees, is a little sanctuary away from the malls.

15 - COMPTOIR102

Recently, chefs at the cafe have been busy in the kitchen developing a brand-new range of homemade delicious, nutritious and original wholesome dishes. One of which is the new signature creation; the Avo’Club – Sliced avocado with miso, cashew cream on homemade toasted bread, topped with 2 organic poached eggs –  what is not to love? Available both at breakfast and throughout the day this nutrient packed dish is the perfect light bite.


Alongside the Avo’Club, other incredible new creations include an array of vegan specialties, such as the Cream Cheese Crostini – delicious toasted homemade bread topped with homemade cashew vegan cream cheese and cucumber, served with a rocket salad.  The Vegan Bowl is made up of quinoa, red cabbage, brussel sprouts, carrot, red radish slices and spring onions.  Also on the menu is the incredible Vegan Nut Cheese Plate featuring homemade cheeses and fig paste, almond nuts and homemade organic bread.

Black Sesame

Always ending on a sweet note Comptoir 102 is the first and only place in Dubai to have homemade Vegan Ice-Cream which is made with absolutely no sugar! Pick between flavours like thyme, mint, matcha, curcuma or black sesame.


Comptoir 102 prides themselves on always serving the highest quality of ingredients, homemade in their Jumeirah kitchen, passionately created by Founder Emmanuelle Sawko, and their food and drinks have Dubai residents coming back for more time and time again.

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Compitor 102 in Dubai launches it's new menu with plenty of delicious avocado dishes for avo lovers.

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