Hotel Review: Media One Hotel | Video

Media One Hotel, a hotel known for its party atmosphere, quirky decor and great deals. From the mirriad of bars and restaurants available, to the amazing pool and gym facilities Media One has it all…that being said however, I had never really considered it a place for a little staycation, until they got in touch.

When I got the invite to come spends the night at the hotel my immediate answer was yes, but when the excitement dissipated I suddenly realised I actually knew nothing about the place as a hotel, I had only ever seen it as a place for brunch, live music and ladies night; I was at a loss for what to expect.

To start the weekend off with a bang, we were picked up in the hotel’s F150 truck – talk about traveling in style, it was 10 times better than a limo or a Lexus!

Our driver was amazing, so friendly and we chatted the whole way to the hotel about traveling and life in Dubai, there couldn’t have been a more perfect way to start our Media One experience.

If you are a fan of quirky decor the the Media One lobby is going to be your new favourite place, from the sheep made of telephone cord to the monkeys helpfully holding light bulbs it foregoes your typical flowers and pomp approach of most hotels. Bathed in natural light filtering through the floor to ceiling windows this is one hotel lobby you can actually comfortably enjoy.

Checking in was a breeze, it took no more than 10 minutes to get everything settled and signed off before we made our way up to our room on the 16th floor.

I was taken aback; it was small but spacious and beautiful designed, the glass bathroom – something I’m not normally a fan of – gave the room a sense of being much larger than it was.

Thanks to the warm decor the room felt cosy and comfortable and it had everything you would need from a TV, radio and ether net cable to a stockable mini bar (I see you look confused, I will explain later) and luxurious bathtub.

The bed is perfectly placed to enjoy the view of Jumeirah Lakes Towers that the room offered, the large windows mean that during the day the room is washed with a beautiful natural light and in the evenings you can the city lights come on as everyone heads home for the weekend.

As the sun set and we had had a good old nose around the room trying on the slippers and bathrobe, smelling the toiletries and investigating the tea selection, our tummies started to speak to us so we decided it was time to explore the rest of the hotel a little.

We made our way back down to the lobby and headed for Cafe M where they had a wine and cheese night in full swing.

The restaurant itself is an impressive blend of modern chic and minimalistic style while the low lighting offers an intimate but not overly romantic atmosphere. You would be forgiven for forgetting that this venue is, in essence, the hotel’s lobby bar – a place, in most hotels I often make my mission to avoid so as to not disturb the tired and bored looking business men who so often frequent the dreaded lobby bar. But CafeM is different, you could go as far as to say other worldly, somehow it envelops you it’s charm and warmth escaping the chaotic comings and goings of the busy hotel entrance way.

During the wine and cheese night each table is set with a small fondue pot atop a tea light. Inside is a gooey heaven of boozy cheese fondue, beside it a basket of bread cut into bite sized morsels – perfection.

But it wasn’t all about the fondue, the restaurant has lovingly devoted an entire table to the wine, offering choices of red, white, rose and sparkling, each one with various origins and grapes.

Then there is the table of cheese boosting soft and hard cheeses, cheese in cake, cheese in quiche, cheese on sticks and cheese for your salad; and of course there was bread, crackers, chutneys, jams, nuts and dried fruit as well as chocolate fondue and accompanying fruit.

Everything was divine. I worked my way through the various reds on offer while the other half mixed and matched his colours until his heart was content.

Once we were completely cheesed and wined up, we ventured on to the 8th floor where the pool and pool bar resides: Dek on 8. From there the evening then delved into one of cocktails and shisha as we lounged in the comfortable chairs overlooking the inviting hotel pool.

We started off with a watermelon shisha but before long the wonderful shisha guy insisted we try his personal blend. It was refreshing and full of so much flavour!

As we smoked our shisha and sipped on our cocktails we relaxed into a our little staycation some more. We made plans for the next day; breakfast in bed followed by brunch with a dip in the pool somewhere in between.

So we headed on back up to the room to investigate the mini bar situation. We open up the fridge to find it empty with nothing but a note hanging in the middle:

Customizable? hell yes!

Of course our next mission was then to peruse the menu and with it being a Thursday night a few more drinks were in order.

By about 2am I found myself almost ravenous with nothing to snack on; I had found a comfortable spot on the bed while the other half took up residence in the comfy chair so I wasn’t about to venture anywhere in search of sustenance…cue room service.

One quick phone call and a few minutes later we had food, and thanks to the amazing room service team, my 2am hunger was satisfied!

The next morning after an amazing nights sleep we woke up ready for the day, but before anything else it was time for breakfast!

Delivered to our door and served in bed it was the epitome of a perfect weekend breakfast.

My order of pancakes and parfait (because everyone loves parfait) was to die for. The pancakes were fluffy and smothered in chocolate and berries while the parfait was light and delicious – my only comment being the bottom was less granola (as stated on the menu) and more raw oats so you end up with a porridge by the end of it.

The other half had a full breakfast complete with sausages bacon and hash browns…he didn’t say much but it disappeared fast enough for me to assume it was delicious and it sure smelt amazing…

After breakfast we had to head to the pool, it would have been a crime not to.

Located on the 8th floor of the hotel the stunning terrace was designed by Bishop Design. With the cabana style sun loungers and the swan floats gracefully gliding across the top of the water the pool is nothing short of a little slice of paradise bang smack in the centre of one of the cities busiest commercial hubs.

After a little bit of a float and some much needed vitamin D it was time to head back to the room and get ready for brunch.

Once we had showered and changed we headed down to Qwerty, a little bar cum restaurant in the lobby of the hotel, home to a brunch of epic throwback proportions.

From table games of connect four and jenga to an atari, mini air hockey and a ping pong table, this brunch is not one to go to if your party is as easily distracted as mine. While I enjoyed the food he was playing pong or moving a ball around a maze completely engrossed.

But enough about that, time for the important stuff.

Now these are my favourite kinds of brunches, the ones where the food is brought to your table having been prepared just for you from a set menu, forget buffets, this is how to brunch.

We started with a plate of sushi, each piece perfectly crafted and then moved on to a platter of appetisers which included lamb sliders, scotch eggs, vegetarian kofta, tempura prawns, salmon fishcakes and chicken lollipops. Each was cooked to perfection and served with a little bit of sauce that married with the dish perfectly.

Then there were the nachos, simple and spiced with smoked paprika these were probably my favourite of the starters.

Then came the main courses, we chose the Thai green curry and the Ploughman’s platter – yes, more cheese. Along with these divine dishes we got the Qwerty salad, a simple, fresh, combination of leaves, quinoa, radish and fennel, as well as a serving of delicious house made crisps.

During brunch the lovely Jono from Dubai92 hosts a challenge game with prizes and plenty of silliness, all done through whatsapp. We had scrabble, trivia and a secret sound as well as a round where we had to make a 90s toy out of plasticine but we didn’t win unfortunately, still, a good laugh!

For dessert we were treated to a dessert trolly where the chef came and built your dessert platter table side and it included tiny apple tarts, creme brûlée, macarons and cake as well as sticky toffee pudding. Talk about indulging!

The main brunch finishes at 3pm having started at 1, but for another AED 100 you can add on another hour of unlimited drinks which takes you through to 4pm and included in that are rounds, and rounds of shots…incase those free flowing spirits weren’t enough!

Then after brunch we headed back up to the room to pack and say good bye to our amazing little getaway. After such an awesome couple of days it was a shame to leave, I could have done with another breakfast in bed! But alas, we had to get home to the puppy and go back to the real world.

So with a heavy heart we checked out, hopped in the F150 again and headed home.


5 Camels500+

Thanks to the absolutely spectacular staff at Media One from the front desk to the house keeping and everyone in the restaurants and kitchen who always had a smile on their face and made sure we were well looked after.

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  1. wow the truck alone sounds amazing nevermind the hotel. Sounds like you guys got a great opportunity. The pool alone looks great and I could see me jumping in. If i visit then this hotel seems a must. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Love the images, tells your trip perfectly


  2. Oh my god I honestly couldn’t imagine a better scenario than a cheese and wine night and it is so nice of them to invite you as well. I wonder where you will travel to next


  3. Wow! I have never been to Media One but this looks like an awesome place for a staycation. I love all the pics you have shared…food looks dee-licious!


  4. This is really awesome. I love travel blogs. I have never been to Dubai but I’ve seen some pretty cool pictures of the place. I love the food pics Those pancakes look to die for. Yummy.


  5. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! I could so spend a week or two in M1. That brunch . . . the pool, yup, my kind of place. Too bad I don’t live closer!


  6. This looks like the perfect staycation in a very nice hotel. I love how they have everything that you may need and the idea of a customizable mini bar is fantastic. In-room breakfast looks so good, especially those pancakes! ❤


  7. I love the room service in that hotel. They sure are prompt and ready to address your issues at any time of night. The pool looks so inviting too.


  8. Media One Hotel looks absolutely wonderful! If my husband and I are ever lucky enough to stay there you can bet we’ll love be enjoying the pretty view from our window at night (for him) and eating our weight in yummy food (for her). x


  9. I was in Dubai a few years back and they certainly know how to serve the most delicious food with nothing held back on. Media One looks like it is definitely up there with the best of them when it comes to quality cuisine. Glad you enjoyed it.


  10. We’ve been planning to go to Dubai early next year and been searching for affordable accommodations. Your review is a great help for us to decide which hotel rooms are generic business hotels or charmless dives.


  11. If I am ever in Dubai I will have to visit Media One. The accommodations look beautiful. But the food looks to die for while you are there. And it’s great all of the amenities they provide. So great!


  12. I think your stay at Media One might just be the best sounding break ever! The hotel looks and sounds gorgeous and the food sounds amazing. That cheese and wine night would be my idea of heaven.


  13. What a beautiful place to visit and the pool looks spectacular. I would love to stay at this place for sure.


  14. Wow Media One hotel looks luxury place to stay in Dubai. I loved the brunch part and the offer they give for AED100. As I live in Dubai, I will try this one for brunch one day.


  15. That hotel looks amazing. I love the glass bathroom, kinda weird and random yet cool. Out of several trips to Dubai I never made it to the jumeirah area and it looks like I missed out.


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