Delivery Review: Saj & Co.

If there is one thing that is always welcome in our house it is Levantine food. From shawarma and shish tawouk, to hummus and sambousak it all has a home on our table and in our tummies. Enter Saj & Co. a newly opened restaurant tucked away in the food haven of JLT.


Offering a menu packed with delicious Middle Eastern favourites including falafel, fattoush and of course, lemon mint this humble outlet is baking fresh saj to tempt the masses.

Saj: a Levantine flatbread baked on a domed metal griddle. Each bread is often about 2 feet in diameter and is much thinner than most breads.

Our feast consisted of a creamy hummus, a light haloumi salad, zaatar and cheese saj, chicken shawarma saj and a mixed chocolate saj along with a fesh watermelon juice.


Aside from our order being more than 20 minutes late, with no apology or explanation everything was pretty good.

The saj was doughy and just a little bit chewy – in my opinion exactly how it should be. The shawarma wrap was good, a little bit different from your traditional version with chunks of marinated chicken breast rather than the small crispy pieces your normally get at your favourite street side vendor.

The zaatar was full of flavour and not too dry as it can sometimes be. While personally I would have loved a bit more cheese it was still delicious with just that little salty bite. Then of course the chocolate saj; absolutely packed with a mix of milk and white chocolate and melted to an oozey mess that dipped down your chin with every bite in the best way possible. I’d recommend eating this one hot as when it cools the chocolate looses a little bit of its creaminess.


The haloumi salad was packed with flavours, though unfortunately our portion didn’t have the promised fennel in it which I think would have just made it. The crunch of pine nuts with the sweet punch of a pomegranate seed exploding in your mouth paired with the earthy lettuce and juicy tomatoes was divine.

All in all our dinner was a good one, though given the wait it had better have been. There are a few other delights on their menu that I’d like to try including their falafel but I think next time I may just venture down the their outlet and see how it is straight from the kitchen.

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