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Why are vegans so weird?

Anyone who knows a vegan is probably sick of constantly hearing about how amazing plants are all the time.

We all know the type; they’re preachy, animal loving hippy types who somehow find a way to mention their plant based lifestyle no matter the topic of conversation.

Everyone thinks that part of being vegan is to become the Jehovah’s Witness of diets, telling anyone who will listen why they should convert; I mean it’s only a matter of time before they start knocking on our doors, pamphlets in hand, asking if we have a moment to talk about plants…

Bowl of blueberries and strawberries

Well they’re probably not wrong. Eating a plant based diet is not entirely outside the realms of possibility for living a healthy life.

Let’s go back in time, like way back. Before supermarkets, mass agriculture and big food, we were hunters and gatherers, we foraged and harvested from the land and hunted for meat when we could. But hunting takes a lot of time, energy and skill – especially when all you have at your disposal is a club and a crude spear.

buck standing in the wilderness
You’d have to stalk your prey for hours and you didn’t always come home with food for your family. So what then?

Not to worry. Berries, fruit, vegetables and seeds don’t move, they don’t hide and they grow in abundance, so when you needed to feed your tribe that was the easiest option.

Also keep in mind, meat doesn’t last long without a fridge, anything you did kill would have to be eaten before it went off whereas plants could be picked and eaten as needed.

Its only in recent history that humans have started consuming large amounts of animal protein and even more recently that we started believing we needed it with every meal.

Large head of cabbage

Here’s the weird thing: plants have more protein per gram than meat but animal protein is easier for our body to absorb, however it is harder for your body to digest meaning that it is easier on your system to eat more plant protein and absorb the same amount that you would get from a smaller serving of meat.

We’ve been lied to for so many years, being told that we need meat for protein and iron, we need dairy for strong bones and teeth and that we cannot survive on vegetables alone. It’s a lie.

Vegetables contain all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins your body needs in order to function correctly – as long as you eat properly. You cannot live on spinach, kale and sweet potatoes forever, you do have to vary your diet, explore new produce and incorporate nuts and seeds into your every day meals but you can, in actual fact, live on plants.

You can even be a paleo vegan.Β 

Yes really.

The paleo diet is not about eating as much meat as humanly possible, in fact it is quite the opposite. It is about eating the same way Palaeolithic man ate, which means a focus on real food: fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, a high percentage of raw food, packed with enzymes and nutrients otherwise destroyed by cooking. Eating paleo does not mean steak with every meal, you can easily live a plant based paleo lifestyle – in fact the two pretty much go hand in hand.

But deciding to enjoy a plant based lifestyle should not define you.

Vegan because I give a fuck

It does not mean that you are suddenly better than everyone else, nor does it give you the right to push your views on people, and for the love of god please stop with the t-shirt slogans that make everyone else seem like terrible people because their choices are different to yours.

Your lifestyle does not need to define you, you are notΒ a vegan, you are a person who eats vegan food, probably wears vegan clothes and uses vegan products but that is not who you are. Life is about more than what you eat. What you put in your mouth is a choice and no one should be telling anyone what they can and cannot eat. If you want to advise people on what they should and shouldn’t eat and the reasons why, then go ahead; if they have asked.

Remember that eating intuitively means eating what and when your body wants and everything you put in your body is aΒ choice and if you want to choose to eat plants, eat plants, but if you want to have a bacon sandwich one morning, you can if you want to – no one is going to hurt you because of it.

Make choices for you, based on your own needs and desires, not because of someone else’s rules.

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Why are vegans so weird? Don't they realise we are all sick of hearing about what they eat?


  1. Interesting post, I thought the times where people push their views amongst other at any given possibility were over. Veganism is a word for the lifestyle and plant-based more for people who ONLY eat vegan food. So I am eating plant-based, but I don’t consider myself as a vegan.


  2. I really enjoy reading this post! Made me smile a couple of times! We try to eat less meat. Once a week! Many wit who I have speak with about this issue they all say the same. They dont eat meat because of the protein but because they like it. I guess it takes time for some to change their lifestyle.


  3. I personally like meat and all the delicious dishes that come with it. I don’t eat it a lot but I do sometimes, I don’t think I could ever see myself being vegan but I understand why people choose to be, even though I don’t appreciate ho tries to “convert” you and your lifestyle at all costs. I appreciate your post because it’s well balanced, you explained your points without pushing your ideas and trying to change mine.


    • I agree with you. While I am a vegetarian I never impose my beliefs on others because everyone has the freedom to make their own choices. If they want to eat meat that is fine its their decision x


  4. I am not a vegan, I like meat, but at the same time time I am trying to not pass the limit. I love fresh fruits and salads , especially on Summer and at night! πŸ™‚


  5. It’s good to always eat veggies. I tried to eat fruits and veggies as much as I can but unfortunately other family members prefer more meat 😦 which sometimes force me to eat what’s on the plate


  6. I am not vegan but I am vegetarian and it is always so annoying when people ask me what I eat as though I just survive on grass LOL. I actually had no idea that Vegan food had more protein than meat!


  7. SO true, one needs to decide the way one wish to and not just to show off. I am a vegan and yes I know how all it goes to be. But I read that vegan foods have less protein compared to animal meat, rather they are not full of all essential AA so vegans have to supplement in other way. Though hard to digest is true!


  8. I’m not a vegan, I’m vegetarian but I guess I’m never teaching anyone to be one; except for when they preach me to become a non-vegetarian. I grew up in an Indian Hindu-brahmin household, which meant no onion and garlic also, forget meat. πŸ˜€ My husband eats meat, so it’s really difficult for him as I don’t even cook it at home (blame me for not being comfortable) but we never force each other to convert either way. To each his own.


  9. Interesting info. as weird as it sounds, I actually like talking to vegans, I learned so much from them and I think its admirable that they always find a good alternative to certain types of recipes. creative I must say!

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  10. Thank you for sharing this post. I had an experience with a co-worker who is vegan. Everytime we would have an office party, she felt left out because most dishes had meat. It was just the way she looks at meat lovers that annoys me. She makes it seem like we’re eating poop. I just wish there was more respect towards each others’ dietary preferences.


  11. I prefer veg but I also enjoy non-veg (only Chicken!!). I know people who are pure vegetarian and they make faces when someone is eating non-veg. Everyone has a liberty to choose what they want to eat and nobody has a right to question it.


  12. I am vegetarian not vegan but never preach anybody to turn into vegan. SIMILARLY I DON’T LIKE TO BE PREACHED by nov-vegetarians about the importance of meat. All food item has its importance. No one is superior and no one is inferior. I find many no-vegetarian people imposing their diet on me which is very irritating. Everybody has its own body and one can looks after their own tastes and body. I cannot say apple is healthier than orange as some people cannot like apple at all or some do not able to bear orange at all. I am vegetarian not imposing my rules on anyone but not want to get ruled by non-vegetarians too.


  13. This is such an enjoyable post to read! We eat a mainly plant based diet but do have dairy and we eat meat occasionally. I don’t think I could ever completely give that up as I enjoy it.
    A few of my friends are vegan and I love hearing about their new recipes and trying new things they’ve found.
    I agree the t-shirt slogans and pushiness needs to stop though.


  14. I change my diet to vegan from time to time, mostly to detox myself. But of course, that’s my preference. I totally respect other people’s lifestyle, cause I think being a vegan is more like a lifestyle. The thing I can’t stand is someone judging you over your preferences. We are all responsible for our food, and what gets in our body, so I think everyone has the right to chose for themselves πŸ™‚


  15. This is definitely an interesting post. I definitely believe that there is room for everything in one’s diet, but that you do have to respect other peoples personal opinions and choices!


  16. My hubby used to be vegetarian, and I have a friend who is vegan and she doesn’t impose her views on anyone. She did however buy me the most delicious vegan chocolate ever!


  17. Loved your post and how you made your points without pushing your ideas!! I love meat and love all the recipe that have meat, yet I don’t eat it a lot! I think maybe I’ll convert to vegetarian one day, who knows??


  18. Our diet is one of the most impactful parts of our lives. It determines whether we’re going to end up with certain diseases. Besides, healthy plant-based diets can prevent and even reverse chronic diseases, you will have to spend way less money on doctor’s visits and medication.


  19. I am not vegan nor vegetarian, but I eat mostly non meat food, that some times weeks go by and I haven’t had any, without even realizing it. Thank you for sharing!


  20. It’s interesting to know that vegan food has more protein than meat. I was planning to start keto diet and end up dropping my plan as I didn’t find any good source of protein in vegan food. Now I will definitely start it.


  21. If someone would try to “turn me” to become something that I am not, I would probably laugh and turn the back on them. It’s one thing to talk about the health benefits of a diet but another thing to actually try to convert people aggressively towards it.


  22. This is really an interesting post.I am vegetarian and happy with this taste. imposing others to eat this and that is really irritating. But I am lucky here as nobody ever forced me to eat which I don’t like and I also never imposed any eating rules on others.


  23. Very Interesting read, I was big meat consumer lately, I used to eat 500 gm chicken breast every day because I’ve been in fitness sport since a long time and I need to full-fill my protein intake but after some time I started feeling guilty about eating chicken daily, I felt like I’m a killer who killing to build muscles by eating their flesh, so I stopped eating chicken and meat from that time and now I only consume eggs and milk products to consume enough protein.


  24. I loved the opening here. I do think that a lot of people are out there trying to convert others to their way of thinking about food. And if you can get what your body needs from any particular diet, more power to you.


  25. This is a very interesting post . I’m totally agree ” Life is about more than what you eat. What you put in your mouth is a choice and no one should be telling anyone what they can and cannot eat ” .
    I ate everything that I like , but more vegetables .


  26. I feel livelier for eating more veggies and fruits.. juice it even snack. Just that I do not want to justify my options because of the people in our home still prefer meat.. 😦


  27. This is a good article. I think that it irks me that people think they need meat at every meal when it is just not good for your body to have every day. Thanks for sharing.


  28. You are so right! What ever we choose it should come from ourselves and not what the otheres are expecting, doing or thinking. Funny though, a friend of mine called me last night and said a friend of hers was staying at her palce for a few days and she’s vegan. My friend was having problems with her cookings and didn’t find any good vegan recipes.


  29. I have a friend who is vegan and every time we travel together I take her to McDonald’s with me. She does not eat there but she keeps me company πŸ™‚


  30. Ive been both Vegan and Vegetarian in my lifetime, and I see nothing weird about either choice.
    It becomes weird when people get nutty about it and start treating their choice like a political convention made up of saints and sinners.
    That said, I say eat whatever makes you happy, and be at peace with it. Don’t shove it up everyone’s nose and all will be well. I’m very much a vegetarian today. πŸ™‚


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