Breakfast Review: Fume

What are weekends for if lazy mornings, late breakfasts and time spent with friends? Sometimes all you need is for someone else to cook for you in the morning while you sip on coffee and enjoy a stunning view.


With internal walls stripped to reveal smooth concrete, distressed and faded red and white paint warning your to “mind your brain”, floor to ceiling windows have created a space that capitalises on the abundance of natural light and the mix match of kitschy decor Fume finds the sweet spot between rustic and refined.

The open plan dining room is flanked by kitchens on either side while tucked in the middle is the bar cum smoking area, a mood room that oozes cool. Somehow the restaurant manages to seamlessly blend family dining with chic city bar with not much more than a batted eyelid.


When we arrived we were warmly greeted by the staff, it was a Saturday morning and the restaurant was quite with a few families enjoying the delicious breakfast menu. As one of the newer additions to Dubai’s morning dining landscape Fume doesn’t disappoint, while their lunch and dinner service has been well loved by a vast number of residents for years – myself and family included – their recent foray into the satiation of residents in the early hours has proved, in my opinion, successful.

Offering a fuss free menu equipped with everything from lotus pancakes to eggs and soldiers there a little something for every taste.


One thing about Fume that people will always comment on is their “we serve when ready” attitude, where the food arrives at the table as it is ready and not necessarily all together which causes patrons to either love it or leave it. Personally I have no issue, for the most part the food arrives almost all at the same time anyway and I’m not too fussed about everyone not starting or finishing their meal together in this setting, but if it irks you then take heed; you have been warned.


The breakfast menu – served from 9am to 2pm on Fridays and Saturdays – is well balanced with sweet and savoury delights and there is no excuse not to linger on into the afternoon – especially when the morning sun is streaming invitingly through the expansive windows.

Our spread of waffles, huevos rancheros, organic cheddar & eggs and the benedict with bacon could not have been more stunning. The food is divine and the dishes have been kept simple; they are served exactly as they’re described on the menu no random flairs of ill-fitting creativity as seems to be the trend in many restaurants.


The waffles are light and fluffy and topped with a generous helping of fresh berries and a perfectly quinelled serving of cream, while the rancheros, served in a tortilla bowl, is hearty and fresh with creamy avocado, perfectly cooked tender steak and topped with a mouthwatering runny egg.

The benedict is small and perfectly formed with eggs perfectly poached to my liking served on bread cut to size – there is nothing worse than a bad bread to egg ratio! The bacon is crispy and the hollandaise tops everything off (pun intended) – though I would have liked for it to be a little more zesty but that’s just me.


Accompanied by delicious smoothies (Sunset Boulevard is delicious if you feel the need to be transported to a tropical island for a few glorious minutes) and strong, flavourful coffees Fume offers diners a fuss free, hearty and healthy breakfast option.


Be it with family or friends you really can’t go wrong – plus from 12pm to 4pm on Fridays and Saturdays for just AED30 kids can enjoy a brunch of their own including a great little play area to keep the occupied.

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  1. I have to stop reading post with food in it in the middle of the night! I mean, seeing those food makes me want to get out of my bed and just grab something to eat but in reality what I really want are those egg benedic!


  2. Breakfast meeting are great, Fume looks like a nice place with plenty of choice. I love them however I am not a fan when food arrives in drips and draps and some people have eaten before others get their food.


  3. This place looks nice and the food delicious! I don’t mind places that “serve when ready” either. We pick from each other’s plate anyway so the sooner the food, any food, gets to the table, the better 🙂


  4. Now that is what you call a real ‘breakfast’! I like the look of the eggs Benedict and Fume looks like my kind of hangout. By the way what camera do you use, the photos are beautiful! x


  5. I have to admit, if I’m out with someone I like us to start/finish meals more less at the same time… but hey, judging from the picture I’d be happy to break that rule (and eat all the pancakes as soon as they arrive, ha!). x


  6. Pancakes and eggs. Wow, I just love it. It looks so delicious, really craving to eat it. I like the photographs you have shared of smoothies, eggs and pancakes.


  7. Oh no! I shouldn’t have read this before going to sleep. Now I am starving because all these look so delicious! How did the lotus pancakes taste?! Sounds yummy!

    and SMOOTHIES. WHAT THE, this is my type of breakfast. I wouldn’t have been able to eat anything for the rest of the day!

    Love this post. and once again..i am in love with this blog name.


  8. I really like the look of those eggs benedict, they are one of my favorite breakfast items. The waffles sound delicious as well, especially topped with fresh fruits. I don’t know about the food not coming at the same time through, it’s not nice for one person to eat while the others are still waiting.


  9. Wow Fume looks the business. Great selection of breakfast choices here. I have never eaten rice for breakfast before though but I adore it so why not. My favourite are the berries and waffles .


  10. Fume sounds a great place to eat. The food looks so delicious and I love the decor. We serve when ready is such a strange concept, I don’t know of anywhere in the UK that does that. It makes sense to bring it as it’s ready though.


  11. That looks like a great place for a weekend breakfast. Personally, I love when all the meals arrive together but if my meal is going to be as pretty and delicious then I might make an exception of ignoring the time of arrival. 😀 🙂 Those pictures are making me hungry! ❤


  12. i shouldn’t have eaten before reading this! thats a good review because its so expensive out there and i have bitten so many times by the price :p the eggs looked real nice and the price at the end was not bad too btw did you ask for water if so…did it come bottled or from the tap – was it free or not


  13. ohhh those poached eggs look amazing! I don’t mind the whole ‘serve when ready’ type service. If it was a dinner where you had timings for starters, main, dessert – then fine. But for breakfast and lunch should be no problem.


  14. This place sounds so warm and welcoming! Definitely somewhere I would love to go first thing in the morning for breakfast. Thank yiu for sharing it 😉


  15. What a perfect morning breakfast. The food looks so tempting. I really love omelet and pancake in my breakfast too. Those pictures makes me hungry. Lol!!


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