Becoming an Influencer (the blogger dream)

Some people start blogging to be famous, that is all they have their eyes set on as their fingers hit the keyboard, others start for the love of writing and because they have something to say, they want to spread the word and if they get famous along the way then all the better.

I am of the latter; I started blogging as a way to cope when my mum got sick, and over the years it evolved into something so much bigger, it has inspired me to do so much and it has pushed me to want more from my life.

My blog is my baby, and in the last three years I have never once considered giving up on it, my Instagram, yes, my Facebook page, sure, but my blog, never. It’s not for the sake of my readers – I love them but this is about me. I need my blog, I need my own little corner of the internet to share what I know, what I’ve learnt and how I feel with who ever feels like it’s important enough to read.

That being said, eventually I want all of this time to be worth something, and as shallow as it may sound, I want it to be worth something tangible. I don’t want internet fame, I have no desire to become the next viral feature, what I want is for my blog to work for me as well as my readers.

So here it is, working with brands! While I loath the term influencer – which has become a buzzword with a very loose definition that is where I am going. I want to influence others, I want to give them – you – advice and insights that will hopefully make your life that little bit easier!


So I’ve signed up to, a site that teams me up with brands around the world to work together and bring you guys the best of the best.

Basically, is a platform built for influencers and brands to connect, communicate, and collaborate. The platrom enable influencers and brands from all over the globe to collaborate in nine different channels, including Instagram, Blog, Snapchat, Facebook, Podcast, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter and helps you get paid – because we all need a little bit of that dolla’ dolla’.

There is a huge problem here in the UAE with the influencer, brand relationship,  both take each other for granted. So rather than get involved in the politics of it all – trust me, I’ve been on both sides – I decided to find a place where I could earn for my work.

So if you’re a fellow blogger or just super awesome on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat then head here to and sign up and start working with brands too!


This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Just started to write a blog a month ago, always on my mind if I´m going to the right direction or just enough fast or not. Its so much in mind than writing a blog ! You inspired me today, thank you!


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