My New Obsession: Copper Decor (and 11 ways to use it in your home)

My latest decor obsession (and yes I have a lot of them) is copper…copper everything. I am, as I said, obsessed, it pairs so well with white, grey and marble interiors making it a perfect highlight for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

Having just moved in to a new place my inner interior decorator is going crazy with ideas and I have absolutely fallen in love with copper. My first aim is to get myself a stunning copper lamp like this one from No on the High Street (£169) for the living room. Lamps are always so much nicer to illuminate a room than overhead lighting so we have always tried to fill our home with lovely lamps and warm bulbs to keep the energy calm.


For a while now we have had a simple black IKEA lamp; it has served us well but I am on the hunt for an upgrade that still sheds a lot of light but is also a stunning statement in the corner.

Speaking of the living room what is it without eye catching ornaments on shelves, tables of the like. I am a sucker for kitschy pieces and I immediately fell in love with this flamingo from Maisons du Monde for £35.99.


Then there’s the sofa. I love ours, a simple IKEA L shape that pulls out into a sofa bed (perfect for movie nights) and the dark grey upholstery works with a whole host of colours but I’m set on pale turquoise blue and copper (of course). So of course when I found these faux suade cushions from the Ethical Market (£23.00) I fell head over heals.


Of course there’s my kitchen, my favourite place in the whole house and it wouldn’t be complete with out a few copper bits an pieces now would it. Our kitchen isn’t huge – it is an apartment after all – so I’m always looking for clever storage solutions so that my other half doesn’t make me get rid of stuff to make room.

When I stumped across this two tier hanging basket from CB2 ($29.95) I knew it would be the perfect place for onions, potatoes, citrus fruits and apples, etc., much better than keeping them on the counter taking up vital space.


Speaking of my other half his obsession with coffee knows no bounds and his favourite way to brew? The Fresh Press – simple, no fuss, just good coffee. So when I saw this pot from Nordstrom (AED 197.55) that makes up to eight cups I knew it was the perfect way for him to get his caffeine fix and my kitchen to look coherent.


Then there’s the cutlery, the one thing that anyone who comes to your house for dinner will see. There are lots of different styles of copper cutlery sets out there, and I like an awful lot of them but this one from Pier1 ($99.95) won me over.


A lot of people are jumping on the zero waste band wagon and realising that there’s a lot of things we use every day that cause an awful lot of rubbish to build up. Enter these stunning copper, reusable drinking straws from Urban Outfitters for just $16. Not only do they help reduce waste but they also look pretty snazzy too.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.18.17 PM

If you are looking to reduce waste but you’re not willing to compromise on style and turn your home into a hippy den – the non-bohochic kind – to dispose of what you do create then this statement rubbish bin might be the perfect fit for you (I know I want one!).

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.22.02 PM

Another Urban Outfitters buy this bin is pretty costly at $49, but style is priceless.

If cocktail parties are more up your alley than dinner parties then this hammered copper ice bucket from Pier1 ($39.95) is probably exactly what your bar has been missing all these years.


When you need to get rid of all those guests, be they full of food or full of cocktails, you’ll need to ring them a cab, so why not do it in style? This awesome throwback phone from Oliver Bonas (AED 319) has all the retro chic we crave with the added hint of modernity to keep things in line.


For a little more retro copper style I love this storage cabinet from Made (£399), the colours are stunning and there is nothing wrong with a little stylish storage to keep your study or office looking on point.


Paired with a heavy wood desk or something lighter if you like playing with contrast there is no doubt that these draws make a serious eye-catching statement.

I’m still scouring the stores here for bits and pieces I don’t have to wait three weeks to have delivered but so far I haven’t come up with much bar a few bits in Crate and Barrel but nothing stunning – mostly just bar accessories that I have no need for just yet (not until the other half finds the bar he wants).

So if you find anywhere selling breath taking copper decor in the city then let me know! Share the knowledge people, I’m on a mission.

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  1. Absolutely love the copper theme especially the old fashion phone its a real step back in time with class and elegance. Like the idea of the copper straws they are a perfect solution to reduce plastic consumption. On our travels we have really seen the damage plastic is doing to the seas. Perhaps ideas like these will help to combat that

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  2. I love copper decor! My sister had lots of it and it looks amazing. When I. I’ve into my own hone I’d love to have copper decor.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I really do love the look of copper. And there are so many amazing copper things here. I was going to say that the kitchen basket was my favorite. But then right after that came the french press. Gotta go with the coffee!!


  4. I love the look of the flamingo. If you mix that with the throw pillows on a couch, you have a perfectly summer-like décor for a living room.

    Liked by 2 people

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