Dubai’s Open Mic Nights with Go Play the World

The local music scene: a bustling network overflowing with mind blowing talent. From heavy metal bands and DJs to solo crooners and steel drum players there is an endless supply of performers across the city who will wow a crowd for the love of it.

With so much going on around the city every night of the week it’s no surprise that the list of live music performances is pretty extensive. From house bands in the clubs and bars we love to regular shows and concert series put on by passionate companies.

Go Play the World, a local company passionate about supporting up and coming talent is one of the only platforms for young or new musicians to practice infront of a live audience; the open mic nights do exactly that. Whether it’s new music a regular performer has written and wants to try out on the crowd or an up and coming musician who needs the on stage practice these nights are the place to find it.

If you’ve never been before simply show up with your instrument or backing track and find abbo or Ruaridh to let them know you would like to play.


Sunday nights might mean the end of the weekend but that doesn’t have to mean the end of the fun. Every Sunday night from 8pm Go Play the World puts on an open mic night for the budding local talent, with each performer getting the chance to show off up to four songs on stage.

For the less musically inclined there are drinks deals on offer: 5 bottles of beer for AED 100 or buy one get one free on bottles of house wine.

Original Wings & Rings

Hump day is a struggle for all of use but Tuesday evenings at Original Wings & Rings make the weekend feel that much closer. From 8pm this DIFC sports bar turns into a stage for musicians of all types to show off what they can do.

Tuesday nights are also their “Wing Frenzy” night and happy hour on food and drinks until 8pm.


Get geared up for the weekend on the 42nd floor of the Media One Hotel, with stunning views of the city this night isn’t your average open mic, in fact it’s more of an open stage. This night is geared for bands who want to jam and have a venue to perform and with a booming sound system and plenty of space for the crowd to dance it’s the perfect place for a midweek party.

This is the only one of the nights that is strictly 21+ so unfortunately the talented young ones won’t be making an appearance but it doesn’t make it any less of a perfect excuse to get the old dad band back together for one more performance.

You will find a lot of regulars who you might see at other events performing at the open mic nights including:

Every night the team from Go Play the World broadcast the performances live on their Facebook page and you can find the stories and photographs on their Instagram.

Check out Go Play the World on Facebook & Instagram for more about the open mic nights and other events.

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Pintrest Open Mic


  1. Whoop whoop to Go Play the World! Will be checking out their page. These open mics sound good, shame about the 21 and over one though haha, ah well!


    • Oh you really should they’re wonderfully passionate about growing talent here and there are some mindblowingly amazing musicians! With the drinking age being 21 it’s amazing any of the bars let under 21s perform so one strict one out of three isn’t bad but it is a shame it’s the band night!


    • They are fairly new here, there have been a few attempts before but none of them have lasted, these seem to have stuck around though and they’re amazing nights. I think they are so important for growing the scene and encouraging new talent!


  2. Aw shame that it can’t showcase youth talent but I still think the open mic night sounds like great entertainment regardless. I have heard that Dubai has a really dynamic scene too x


    • It’s just the one night where it’s over 21, the other nights anyone can play, in fact there are two amazing bands made up of 15-17 year olds who play most weeks at wings and rings, they are truly awesome and one of my favourite acts!

      The scene is growing slowly. For the most part it’s been house bands and musicians in clubs and bands practicing in their parents garage but now it’s becoming something so much more and it’s amazing!


  3. It is amazing to me that because of Facebook and the internet, that the world has become so much smaller. It is easier to find music in different parts of the world so easily!


  4. While my husband and I have never been to Dubai .. we are live music junkies! Love open mic nights .. we always walk saying “how cool was that?!”


    • I go to them almost every week here and see the same people perform over and over and still say the same thing! I love them too! You should check out one of the videos from the night on Go Play the World’s nights and have a virtual open mic visit! Haha or come for a visit!


  5. It’s awesome that they have open Mic nights. Very few places seem to have them. It’s kind of sad because a good live band makes all the difference when it comes to ambiance.


    • I completely agree! Go Play the World are working on getting more around the city so every one can come down and enjoy the music because, like you said, it makes all the difference.


  6. This looks awesome, I love going to see live music. I didn’t realise that there were so many options in Dubai.


  7. I have never been to an open night event before but they do sound really cool! I wish I would have known about them when I visited Dubai. It’s a great variety of music genres and the drinks offers are great as well.


  8. I have not been to a open mic concert. I have been so busy lately that I keep forgetting that I should find time to enjoy. This is fantastic that they have this in Dubai too. I have some friends who live and work there. I will ask them about this.


  9. I would love to go see this in person and maybe even make it on the stage for open MIC. I love that there are places like this to showcase and watch live music : )


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