Menu Review: TGIs Unbe-leaf-able Vegetarian Dishes

Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if it really was always Friday? Permanent weekend, who would say no. But since that is never going to happen we have just one option left: TGI Fridays.

This long weekend started well with a trip to TGI Fidays – a classic American restaurant with outlets all over the world. Boasting a menu of red white and blue classics, everyone knows this spot is family friendly and the perfect place to go if you know exactly what you want. However, until recently, their vegetarian menu choices had been a little somewhat slim pickings with not much more than salads to choose from; but that’s all changed.

With the launch of the franchise’s new Vegetarian Menu diners can now choose from a handful of options that are completely vegetarian friendly and will satisfy even the most devout omnivore.

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As far as starters go the menu only offers one new option but it is totally worth it: spicy cheese spring rolls. These light and delicious filo pastry cigars are generously filled with creamy feta and finely diced jalepeno that give them a delightful and not too over powering kick; deep fried to a crisp perfection and drizzled with the littlest bit of honey it is clearly a mouth watering nod to Greek cuisine.

As for the mains I was intrigued to find the menu mostly replaces meat with cottage cheese – an interesting twist on vegetarian dining and clearly inspired but Indian cuisine and its heavy use of paneer. The menu offers a burger, pasta dish and sizzler plate all incorporating the cheese as the main focus on the dish rather than more typical choices such as tofu of quinoa.

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The blackened cottage cheese alfredo pasta is very similar to the one on the existing menu – with chicken rather than cheese – and comes beautifully served with vibrant fresh tomatoes, wilted spinach and just enough creamy sauce to satisfy without absolutely drowning the pasta. Each mouthful of this delightfully cheese heavy dish was delicious and incredibly filling.

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The tostados were equally as delightful, and were one of the only dishes to choose from that did not come with a “steak” of cottage” cheese. Rather the crisp taco style shells were topped with sweet onions, cheddar cheese, grilled eggplant and lashings of fresh vibrant salad making this the perfect light lunch option. With every mouthful I found more to love about this dish and the amalgamation of flavours as all the components worked together was perfection.

The menu also offers a burger with a cottage cheese patty, a sizzle plate of rice, vegetables and  a spiced cottage cheese “steak” as well as potato and corn kebabs, the portions are a decent size – typically large and carb heavy for some of the dishes – and will leave you satiated and happy. Though one thing that can be said for this menu is that unlike many vegetarian dishes, it would be very difficult to make any of these offerings vegan or suitable for those with a dairy sensitivity. Almost every dish on the menu contains a cheese of some description and without it the dish would be little more than sides.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. This I should awesome news!!! I haven’t really been to Fridays much bc their lack of veg choices but I want to check these out!


    • To be honest I’m not a huge fan of it either which is why I went for the one thing on the menu without it, but I tried some of it and it was surprisingly uncottage-cheesey…if that makes sense!


  2. WOW! Suddenly starving at 10:30pm haha, these are look sooo delicious. Is the last picture the tostados? I haven’t had that before, but it looks amazing.

    Rebecca |


    • I had the same conversation with another journalist at the launch event, we were saying how literally every dish on the menu comes with cheese – thankfully there was no tofu or anything (I can’t stand the stuff) but yeah, the menu could use a few more inventive dishes but it’s a start!


  3. When TGI-Friday’s introduced vegetarian dishes, I was so overwhelmed. I really liked all those vegetarian dishes of this place, specially the vegetarian kebabs. This food is vegetarian not vegan. Vegan means not eating dairy products like milk products. Vegetarian means plant based food items with dairy products.


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