Dinner Review: Rock Bottom Cafe, TECOM

Rock Bottom, it’s a name synonymous with messy nights, blue tongues and dancing until your feet hurt. But what many fail to realise is that before the free pizza at 3am when the lights finally come back on this long time nightspot is actually serving up some delicious eats from around the world.


After years of blurry nights spent dancing away into the wee hours it is safe to say I had never really taken much notice of their food, until now. With two branches, one in Bur Dubai and the other in TECOM this classic spot offers everything from mouth-watering steaks piled high with delicious sides to hearty curries and fresh salads for the truly hungry.

For those who have never been – and shame on you for that, you’ve clearly never partied hard enough – the venue has an underground charm, from the exposed brick facade decorated with movie memorabilia to the stained glass windows and pool tables that are constantly busy, the small space feels deceptively large with a dance floor, stage and two dining areas there’s a little something for everyone.


As we sat down for dinner and began reading through the extensive menu that covers everything from sushi to steaks, so it doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for, Rock Bottom Cafe will have what you’re looking for.

We started off with the potato skins; a deliciously different take on the classic; these ones are filled with a flavoursome chilli and topped with lashings of cheese which is then grilled to crisp perfection – they are much heartier and satisfying than the shells of cheese and token bacon bits you get in most places. Next we ventured over to Asia with a plate of succulent chicken satay skewers accompanied by the a peanut sauce that boasts such a moreish flavour that will have you wanting to pour it over everything.

Continuing our travels around the world our mains took us to India and Mexico with a quick stop in Italy for a deliciously fresh caprese salad. The chicken tikka masala, served with rice and freshly baked naan comes piping hot, wafting aromatic spices across the table. The fajitas, served on a sizzling plate are more than enough to share between two. Piled high with succulent chicken breast, spiced and flavoured to perfection and accompanied by soft, warm flour tortillas and, of course, all the trimmings, these are to die for.


A sweet finish was in order after all of our delicious food – space or no space their chocolate cake looked too good to pass up so we shared a slice. Moist, dense and above all chocolatey, this is the perfect finisher for anyone with a big appetite and a sweet tooth.


After dinner the dance floor beckoned, as Castaway – the wonderful house band – started performing, we made our way from the booths near the open kitchen to the front of the house where people had started to gather as Rock Bottom began to transform from a casual restaurant into the nightclub it is known to be. The band plays from around 9pm every day but Friday and they bang out some of the latest hits with a few dance floor classics for good measure. In between their sets the DJ keeps things going with a brilliant mix of tunes to get you moving so my advice to anyone is always wear shoes you can last all night in!

We were there on a Tuesday which can only mean one thing: LADIES NIGHT. Yes, free drinks for the ladies from 9pm to 1am – just grab a glass and keep refilling your vodka until the clock runs out. But it’s not just Tuesdays that are a treat; Sunday nights are Bullfrog Nights with free bullfrogs for ladies from 9pm to 1am and the chance to  be crowned Bullfrog Queen.


If you don’t know what a bullfrog is then it’s probably safer you stay ignorant, this signature Rock Bottom beverage is known for being blue and dangerous. Made up of vodka, tequila, rum, gin and blue curacao and topped off with an energy drink. They will leave you with a blue tongue (and probably the rest of your insides too) and it’s a safe bet that a couple of these will have you partying well into the wee hours and then shaking in the morning with the most raging hang over. A safer option may be to just stick with a straight up spirit and mixer with a few purchases from the shot girl who journeys around the club offering test tubes of concoctions and tequila shots (the springbok is my favourite – minty and creamy and not too harsh) for a price.

It is no wonder this is a spot packed with regulars where people know the bouncers, the staff and the managers well, with such a great team on the floor, every night spent at Rock Bottom Cafe is going to be a good one, be it for lunch, dinner or just a night of dancing and pool.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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