Menu Review: The Fit Food Kitchen

Born from a love of healthy food instilled in a young boy by an passionate teacher The Fit Food Kitchen, located in JLT, is a labour of love and not just another excuse to cash in on the clean eating trend that is sweeping the world, this is a place that has been years in the making, countless hours of trial and error in the chef and owners own kitchens as they cooked and fed themselves and their families before decided to feed the masses.


This small but warm eatery is nestled on the lake level of JLT, funnily enough next door to the infamous watering hole that is McGettigans; its interior is warm and cosy with heavy wood walls and relaxed seating, there is not much in the way of space but the charm it oozes is second to none.

The menu is simple, fresh and clean with perfectly sized portions and nutrients that pack a punch. There is nothing refined, nothing sweetened and nothing low fat, it is all just the hearty, healthy good stuff – just the way I like it. Boasting healthy fats, good carbs and high protein these lean meals are the kind of things The Body Coach would be proud of.


We started off the evening with delicious fresh salads, my favourite being the Grilled Haloumi Salad with some of the most flavoursome cheese I’ve had in a long time served on top of fresh, crisp greens and pepper with jewels of pomegranate and slices of creamy avocado. From there we enjoyed the restaurants wraps and burgers, served on high protein or wholemeal bread these are the perfect grab and go lunch if you’re planning on popping in for a run by bite.

Oh, and then there’s the juices, all squeezed there in the restaurant these fresh bottles of beautiful fruit and vegetable juices are full of nutrients and they taste amazing. We were treated to a green and a red juice during our visit and each one was delicious and perfectly balanced.


Then it was on to the mains, an organic wild rice pasta with mushrooms and succulent grilled chicken. It was perfectly cooked and the flavours melded together perfectly, it was one of the dishes that was polished off the fastest of everything we tried that night.

Aside from the pasta there was also a stuffed chicken breast filled with spinach, it was tender and succulent though could have used just a touch more seasoning, served with a delicious sweet potato mash and crunchy vegetables the whole dish was homely and warming, the kind of food that leaves your satisfied and never over full.


The other main dish we tried was a generous portion of grilled salmon, cooked to perfection and served on a bed of mixed quinoa and spinach. A delicious light meal that will leave you full and happy.


By the time we made it to dessert I have to say  I was feeling pretty satisfied and not sure how much more I could eat but when the raspberry, blueberry and coconut macaroons came round there was no way I could pass them up. These little morsels are sugar free and the most amazing purple colour thanks to the berries; each one is rich and packed with flavour and my it is now my favourite healthy dessert treat ever.

Whether you’re watching your weight, your health or just like good, honest food, The Fit Food Kitchen is the top on my list of recommendations. The passion for real food is obvious from the moment you arrive and with the wonderful and friendly staff and a menu that has a little something for everyone there is no reason not to get your Fit Food on.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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