Life Hacks for the Spoonies with Chronic Pain

Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to get through the day when you’re suffering with chronic pain but here are a few little hacks to get you through the not so great days.


Invest in a shower stool

Save yourself a much needed spoon or two by having somewhere to sit down in the shower while you wash your hair, shave or just generally have a good scrub. Just make sure it’s safe and sturdy because the last thing you need is to be falling over!


2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner 

Save yourself a little time and effort with one application of product when you have to wash your hair.


Electric toothbrush

Go easy on your wrists and get an a machine to do all the scrubbing for you.


Put a stool in the kitchen

One that’s high enough to each the counters from, it makes chopping, cooking and washing up a lot easier on those days where your spoon reserve is running dangerously close to empty.


Become an online shopper

These days there’s no excuse not to have your groceries delivered once a week and take all the energy sucking, pain inducing hard work out of getting food into the house. Not to mention you avoid all the possible sick people during cold and flu season.


Always carry sunglasses & ear plugs

If you suffer from sensory overloads these two handy things will keep you protected for a little bit. Speak to your optometrist about glasses with different colored tints, they can also help with indoor lighting sensitivity so you don’t have to walk around in dark shades all day and you can be more Anistasia than Stevie Wonder.


Start buying pre-cut vegetables 

There is no shame in letting someone else do the hard part. Seriously. Buy ready cut frozen or fresh veggies and save yourself the effort, spoons are precious don’t waste them on carrots.


Set up autopay for your bills

Don’t let brain fog get the best of you, set up autopay serivces for what ever you can and make sure stuff gets paid on time, you don’t need the stress of your phone company cutting off your mobile halfway through the month.


Opt for a short and manageable hairstyle 

Maybe it’s time for a change, a shorter hairstyle that requires as little fuss as possible is your best friend. Less time washing it, less knots to brush, less weight on your head and less of a headache.


Do not fear the disposable plate

If washing up is the bane of your existence then invest in some disposable crockery and cutlery, it may not be eco friendly but popping them in the bin rather than the sink is certainly pain friendly and sometimes things are more important.


One pot, slow cooker or oven meals

Become the master of the simple dinner. Less prep, less clean up, still nutritious.


Put a “lack of spoons box” by your bed 

Keep the box filled with snacks, any medication or supplements you do take, a bottle of water, heating pads and anything else you might need on those days where you’re spoonless and stuck in bed.


Keep a pillow and blanket in your car

There are times where you just need a nap to make it through the day so keep something comfy in the car for when you can steal 10 to 20 minutes.


  1. […] When you have a food sensitivity or allergy it can make eating intuitively tough because obviously you have to put restrictions on yourself for the sake of your health – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the foods that keep you healthy. The post-meal sickness you experience when you have a food sensitivity or allergy and something – be it gluten, dairy, or any other irritant – has made its way into your meal is often a cause for people to ignore their body’s voice as your brain begins to associate food with pain. […]


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