Breakfast Review: Inn the Park

What better way to spend a lazy Friday morning than sat in the shade of a tree listening to the birds twitter as the sun shines…it doesn’t really sound like an average Friday morning in Dubai does it? Normally our days are packed with the hustle and bustle of city life, where work hours stretch late into the night and we’re constantly on the go – traffic permitting.

So where is this magical idillic place? Would you believe me if I told you bang smack in the centre of the city?

Al Khazzan Park, right opposite City Walk, in the shadow of Sheikh Zayed Road’s iconic skyline, is home to the well known water tower and now, Inn the Park, a quaint eatery meets cafe nestled in the quiet surroundings of one of the city’s smallest and most environmentally friendly parks.

Like the park itself, Inn the Park is entirely run on renewable energy making use of the solar panels that almost seamlessly integrate themselves with the surroundings. The building itself is small with just a few tables and a coffee bar but outside there is more seating under the large tree. Adjacent to the cafe is a library space which makes for the perfect escape in the warmer afternoons or if you’re looking to hide from the kids running around for a few hours. The whole place reminds me of The Archive that once stood in Safa Park before the cannel came through and ruined it.

Brought to you by the same great minds behind Bystro on Sheikh Zayed Road  there are a fair few similarities on the menu – not a bad thing by any means, anyone who’s been to Bystro knows it’s worth the trip! We visited when they were barely a few weeks into opening and still offered a menu limited to breakfast items (no complaints, breakfast is the best meal of the day).

Sitting under the large tree we browsed the short menu and decided on eggs Benedict and the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast accompanied by a berry smoothie and a cold brew coffee. A light and simple start to our day. Now being sat in a park you cannot help but relax and I would not suggest this is the kind of place someone in a rush should visit if they need a quick bite; we waited quite a while for our meals as the kitchen was busy with a number of party guests who were sitting near by and wanting to get a decent meal in before their kids needed something again. It was worth the wait though, the muffins and the bread were fresh and perfectly toasted, the bacon was cooked to crispy as we had asked and the scrambled eggs were fluffy and creepy with a generous portion of smoked salmon laid on top.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the food at Inn the Park and appreciated the fact that each plate was frill-less, I received exactly what I had asked for and nothing else, no silly micro salad, no unnecessary sides, I got exactly what it said on the menu and I loved it. Sometimes frills are needed, but sometimes simple, clean, fresh food is all you really need.

Oh and when you do visit – and you really must before it gets too warm again – don’t miss out on their delicious smoothies and their brewed to perfection coffee. Their cold brew was the perfect pick me up for an afternoon and the smoothies are perfect for getting in those nutrients.

As for their plans for the summer months, no one is quite sure yet, I guess it is going to depend on how they fare in the winter but I can’t imagine there will be much demand for the cafe when temperatures start pushing 50 so I urge you all, pack the suncream and grab the kids and get your butts down to Inn the Park.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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