Menu Review: Mr. Toad’s Pub & Kitchen DIP

Mr Toad’s, your quintessential British pub serving craft beers, ales and mouth-watering fare. What more could you ask for?

Located in DIP – with another outlet in Silicon Oasis – this cosy pub is a true escape to blighty. Offering a menu boasting classic hearty dishes and a bar stocked with everything from standard hops to more crafty brews Mr. Toad’s is a veritable pond of life.

From the moment you arrive its simple elegance is stunning, the large, open space somehow feels warm and welcoming; the interiors are heavy with dark wood, the chairs upholstered in classic countryside patterns and overhead copper pipes snake from the vaults in the back corner to the elegant and simple bar that dominates the main room.


The light and classic starters from the extensive menu are reminiscent of a traditional country lane public house, where one might find men in tweed flat caps and jackets stooped over pints of dark ales after their riveting pheasant hunt earlier in the day; dogs sat patiently outside, beagles with their ears flopping around their jowls enjoy the rest after many hours of leading the hunt.

Each plate that emerges from Mr Toad’s kitchen is beautifully presented and showcases the fresh ingredients and flavours with no pomp and fanfare, the Smoked Scottish Salmon Pate, served with toasted bread and a crisp green salad is the perfect light start to any meal, it’s creamy and whipped to perfection with just enough of a bite to leave you scraping the jar at the end to be sure there is not a morsel wasted.


The Country Terrine lives up to it’s name, it’s rustic appearance evokes nothing more than a desire to dive right in as the succulent duck is peppered with generous bites of pistachio. Partnered with the spiced pear chutney and the crunch of the toasted sourdough bread it is perfection with every mouthful.


If you’re up for sharing a few nibbles around the table (because the starters you will want to keep for yourself, trust me), the Wild Mushroom & Parmesan Arancini would be top of my list of recommendations. Succlent, bite sized morsels of Italian inspired perfection – yes we’re taking a quick trip to Europe for this one – these deep fried rice balls are packed with the woody, earthy flavour of finely chopped wild mushrooms, complimented by the creamy but tangy taste of the parmesan. Add to that the divine smoked tomato pesto and you are on to a winner.


Moving on to the main affair, the menu takes you on a trip through the British Isles, with classic pies and sausages to more internationally inspired fare that has been adopted by the nation.

To start off perfectly British the Posh Shepherd’s Pie is a small, succulent pot of heaven, made with braised lamb shoulder and topped with light and fluffy mashed potato this dish will leave you begging for a larger helping next time. The sauce is rich and packed with flavour while the meat melts in your mouth as it has been slowly cooked to perfection. Served with a simple side salad the appreciation you have for the dish is uncluttered by exuberant side dishes and fillers trying to distract you from the main event.


For those looking for something a little more…messy…Mr Toad’s burgers are what you’re after. From their Fully Loaded Angus Burger piled high with bacon, a fried egg, cheese and a crispy onion ring, to their specialty burgers that change regularly, there isn’t anything you won’t love about these mighty towers. Each one is served with a basket of classic fries and other than that you can expect simple, uncomplicated flavours, perfectly cooked patties and a full tummy at the end of it.

Another great plus of the pub is their rotating craft beers which will keep any hops lover coming back to try something new. Add to that an impressive wine list and a choice of bottled or draft beers and ciders (they’ve even got Crabbies for anyone who’s a fan of the boozy ginger beer) so if you’re looking for a home cooked dinner that doesn’t involve you doing any washing up or you just want to catch up with friends over a pint or two after work, Mr. Toads is the home away from home every pub loving expat has been craving.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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