Dessert Review: Divan Patisserie

Chocolate; a sweet, decadent indulgent that can be put on or in just about anything and it’s probably going to make it taste better.

Now being someone who doesn’t have a particularly insatiable sweet tooth a patisserie isn’t always top of my list as somewhere to visit, I am one of those people who appreciate desserts, the work that goes into them, but I don’t really indulge very often – and if I do they are slightly less chocolate more fruit and savoury: crumbles, pies, custard, etc. – so when Divan opened its doors in Dubai Mall I was intrigued, this was new for me, I had not been invited to a dessert bar before.


In 1956 the Divan legacy begin in Turkey where they quickly became known for their exceptional chocolates and delectable pastries. It wasn’t long before Divan became synonymous with quality, excellence and perfection and with multiple patisseries opening all over the country and then the world there seems to be no stopping these fine confectioners. Now the company produces 10 tons of chocolate,
5 tons of Turkish delight, 5 tons of bakery products and a production capacity of 10,000 cakes daily.


Located in Dubai Mall, Divan’s latest offering boasts a beautiful display of their products from delicate chocolates to colourful macarons, there is no shortage of fine craftsmanship here. From the knowledgable, friendly and passionate staff to the delicious food and comfortable cafe this patisserie ticks all the right boxes.


We enjoyed the opportunity to sample some of the cafe’s most popular and decadent dishes starting with the most heavenly ice cream cake to ever pass my lips. As someone who has a vendetta against chocolate ice cream I can tell you that the one in this cake didn’t stand a chance; the whole thing was creamy, just sweet enough and perfectly balanced with the slivers of vanilla cake running through. If you’re looking for the perfect cake to celebrate with, this is probably it for any ice cream lover.


Next we dipped into their individual desserts, there was a chocolate mousse and then a refreshing raspberry and vanilla offering which was probably my favourite thing of the whole experience. Topped with a swirl of dark chocolate ganache it all worked in perfect balance between the tangy fruit and smooth, creamy vanilla. Perfection.


Next we moved on to the chocolate fondue…a small and decadent serving of Divan’s sumptuous melted chocolate, served with fresh fruit is a chocoholic’s dream come true. I honestly could have sat with the teaspoon and just scooped the chocolate out straight into my mouth without a second thought – but manners got the better of me.

By the end of our tasting it was safe to say, the two of us were all sugared out and ready for something salty! Every single thing we tried was delicious and I warn you now, visiting Divan is an over-indulger’s paradise.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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