Dinner Review: Jaan at the Penthouse

Indian cuisine has come a long way from street stalls and road side cafes the west has always assumed it is, with a surge in molecular gastronomy inspired, fusion and fine dining Indian restaurants around  Dubai have taken on of the most diverse and creative cuisines in the world and elevated it further.

Jaan, which means life, is no exception to the trend, this funky penthouse restaurant with stunning views over the city combines elements of modern, industrial and Asian influence throughout its decor. There is a sense of understated glamour from the second you walk in and though clearly a high class restaurant it is is easy to feel comfortable.

To begin with we were treated to our choice of cocktails, each one as extravagant as the last, from the smoking cosmopolitan – and yes it does exactly that – to their signature cocktail that peacocks at your table like the famed bird on display, each one is poured with expert precision by a team of wonderful bartenders.

For starters we began with the ceviche, small bite sized morsels of blue fin tuna that were so beautifully tender it was out of this world, served atop a small glass fishbowl – complete with two little swimmers (not sure how I feel about the live animal + food thing but I was fascinated watching them swim at the table).

Secondly we tried on of their sushi options, yes sushi in an Indian restaurant, it’s happened. I can’t comment much on the dish though, as someone who is not a huge fish fan salmon sushi is something I really can’t handle, I tried it but I couldn’t get past the texture of the fish.

Next we moved on to the hot starters – a deliciously tender slow cooked lamb that was melt in the mouth, perfectly spiced, mindblowingly tender and so beautifully aromatic there was nothing about this dish to find fault with; served over a mini stone BBQ it was beautiful.

Then there was the chicken, rubbed in one of the most exceptional spice blends i have ever tasted these kebab style chicken pieces were skewered on an arrow head, served with a stunning pink beetroot sauce I couldn’t get over how perfectly tender eat bite was and the intense flavours that filled your mouth every time you went to chew. It was amazing.

Soon we reached the mains where once again we were spoilt, from their shredded butter chicken – served in a small metal lunch box and boasting a unique flavour profile to that of any other butter chicken I had tried – to the hummus chole, a chickpea based dish that proved spicy yet flavoursome. One thing I must insist you not miss if you visit is the daal, it’s smiley, elegant and absolute delicious, I have never tried anything like it before.

Then there was the Indian take on dophinoise potatoes, layered with peppery spicy greens and serve with an absolutely morsish sauce this dish is an interesting and perfectly executed twist on a European classic.

By the time we were done there was no way we could have room for dessert, full to the brim we enjoyed the last of our cocktails, said good bye and headed home feeling exceptionally satisfied. The staff at Jaan do nothing but add to the experience, each of them is friendly, helpful and guide you on your journey through the menu. Without them the restaurant would be lost because the amazing food need people like them to ignite the passion of the diners and they do exactly that.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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