Heading to the Food Truck Jam? Leave the Dogs at Home.

The TruckersDxB event Food Truck Jam is back again for another season of food trucks, live music and family fun. One of the main draws of this Saturday event was that dogs were welcome to join as long as they were kept on the lead; however it would seem all has changed.

Unfortunately TruckersDxB has announced that as of October 22nd dogs would no longer be welcome at the event:


Announcement: Hi guys, just to keep harmony amongst everyone at the event, we unfortunately have to let you know that pets are not allowed at the #FoodTruckJam 🙁

The organisers are being a little vague on the reasoning behind the decision but what they would say is that there had been some complaints and the venue and security had asked that dogs no longer be allowed to attend the event though when I tried to contact TruckersDxB for confirmation neither would respond but Emirates Golf Club have said

As per the Club’s policy we do not allow any pets on site (small or large).

While the organisers are of course at liberty to make these changes to the event it was their lack of communication about the new rules and the way they handled the situation that left dog owners upset and somewhat at a loss on Saturday.

The event, which takes place at Emirates Golf Club, opens its doors at 4pm and entrance to the event is free; but it wasn’t until around 6 or 7pm that TruckersDxB announced on their Facebook page the news about the pets, by this time many families – furry friends included – had arrived to enjoy an evening on the grass, only to be turned away at the door upset and confused. One dog owner shared her experience at the event saying

“[we had walked] all the way from the parking to the entrance where they told us “no dogs allowed”. With big disappointment we walked back to the car and met some other people who wanted to go with their dogs…no idea if they made it or not.”

What sparked the tidal wave of comments regarding the news of the rule change was a post on the Facebook group Dogs in Dubai which read:


Guess who got turned away from the #foodtruckjam? Changed the rules just over an hour ago. Organisers say it was a decision by the club, club says organisers made the decision. List of venues allowing four-legged friends will grow. Slowly but surely.

The photo was met with shock, anger and confusion, many pet owners were already on the way, some planning to set off soon and others who had made future plans for a doggie day out. It seems that a little earlier in the day the organisers had told visitors that only small dogs would be allowed to enter the venue, with others being told by security that it was limited to just 10 dogs per event. One Dogs in Dubai member informed me

“we were told no dogs [at the door]. Out Frenchies were very excited”

so it seems that within a few hours things changed again and small dogs were infact no longer welcome.

Another visitor who had been inside the Food Truck Jam told the others at the door that they were “removing all the dogs” from the venue that had been allowed in though some say dogs remained in the venue the rest of the night as

“The organiser said he had just gotten an email informing him that because the event takes place on the city’s property, dogs are not allowed. He did not kick out dogs that had arrived before he got the email.”

though some were asked to leave and the rest turned away, there seems to have been no clear ruling on the attendance of dogs on this particular week with security, staff and venue all having different information.

“[I met a lady at the event,] Her poodle was denied to enter but she fought with the organizers to let them in and apparently they did allow her in along with the dog. We also saw a few more small dogs there but wasn’t sure how they brought them in.”


Dog owners have been given a number of different reasons for the sudden ban, including an apparent dog fight, pets not being kept on their lead and of course just general fear of dogs making other patrons uncomfortable. The rumour mills have started, dog people are angry and upset and TruckersDxB are not doing much to stifle them.


There is a potential silver lining to all of this however, but how likely it is, is unclear. Word has it that organisers are considering a separate area for the dogs and their families – though how this would work and affect the atmosphere I’m not sure.

Truckers DxB seem to be quick to regram photos to their Instagram and Facebook page but many people have commented that their attempts to contact the organisers both before and after the event through email and Facebook to clarify the pet situation have been met with stoney silence and with no firm answer or reason given people are still a little confused and quite clearly upset.

I think the safest thing to do at this time, in a effort to avoid disappointment for both owners and pups is to accept that this event is no longer for the whole family and leave the furry ones at home. There’s still plenty to do with your pup in and around the city and if you’re looking to spend a day out with them why not check out this list of things to do.

Photos by Jesse Chedotal


  1. Nice article, except the last paragraph specially this “leave the furry ones at home” , sorry but is better that all dog owners don’t attend to this place. My humble opinion.


    • I’m sorry I don’t agree with that. The event and organizers did nothing to harm or put the dogs in danger I do not believe that boycotting it is the way forward and seems like a slight overreaction to the situation. It may not be ideal but it was the choice of the venue rather than the organizers as far as I can tell so I see no reason to penalize them or the food truck owners.


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