Tuesday Tales: Learning to Eat Rice with my Hands

Rice. A staple source of carbs that goes with almost anything – though some of the combinations I enjoy I have noticed many people find questionable.

When I was very young, maybe three or so, I remember one evening Mary Lou, who worked for my parents and looked after me when they were out was on babysitting duty. She had friends over at the time, so I joined them in her room that was filled with the smell of delicious food cooking and I remember the three girls laughing and talking in Tagalong while i just smiled along, no idea what was happening.

After a little while their food was ready and I got myself a bowl of sticky steamed rice, but after looking around I realised there was no fork…confused I looked to Mary Lou for guidance and that was when I learnt the greatest lesson of my life…


With your fingers and a complete disregard for messy hands you could actually just eat the rice without a fork or a spoon, my little mind was blown.

Cut to a few days later, mum made me fish fingers and rice for dinner, I was so excited. As the plate was put down in front of me I ignored my cutlery and dove straight in. I began eating my dinner entirely with my hands.

Now, a point of context: I had not told my mum about my life changing rice experience. 

When she saw me shovelling the grains into my face while my fork sat idly by the plate I was in trouble and boy did I get a telling off…so you can imagine my little mind was completely confused, one adult had said I could but another had said no…it was a while before I could explain it to my mum or understand that it wasn’t always appropriate to eat with my hands.

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