Breakfast Review: Raju Omlet

Eggs, eggs and more eggs. Who knew there was so much you could do with the humble egg? Raju Meherish knows and that’s why he created a restaurant that brings you the best of the desi egg.

After the roaring success of their Karama branch a second restaurant made an appearance in Al Quoz with more seats and the same smiling staff; the quirky, though authentic dhaba atmosphere, complete with street art style murals and worn wooden furniture is an inspiring backdrop to the fuss free menu featuring pages and pages of flavoursome egg-centric dishes.

From breakfast to dinner the simple menu is flush with delicious choices, from the Masala Half-Fry (a sunny side up egg with tomatoes, onion, chilli and ginger along with a handful of spices)  or the Bhurji, a scrambled egg dish with spices, chilli, onion and ginger, every thing is packed with more flavour than you could shake a stick at. Each dish is served with pav (a light fluffy bread roll slathered in butter) or paratha (a flat bread perfect for making wraps) and comes very simply served in a small dish – so if you’ve got a big appetite you may need to order a couple of things.

From the comical egg puns that adorn the walls of this eatery to the tasty, perfectly sweetened chai, served in small glasses, perfect for sipping as you eat and cooling the heat of the chilli, Raju Omlet has perfected the recipe for a winning restaurant.

5 Camels

Under 100 Dhs

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