Secret Eats: Shabu Shabu

This month I started testing my Secret Eats club, a secret dining club that takes you to some of Dubai’s hidden gems. I started with a few friends as guinea pigs and will soon be opening it up to all of you – so if you haven’t already read about it, head over to my previous post to find out more.


We headed over to Shabu Shabu in Satwa. A little Pan-Asian spot that serves some of the best hot pot and bibimbap this side of the Asian continent. This quirky yet homely little eatery is the backdrop to an extensive but simple menu of favourites, each one cooked to order – or at your table – and the lengthy 40 odd page menu covers everything from expertly rolled sushi to extravagant spreads of hot pot mix ins.

As strange as the name may be there is method in their madness; Shabu Shabu is the Japanese name for a hot pot dish of stock served with vegetables and thinly sliced meat, the word comes from the sound the pot makes as you stir the broth – see, it all makes sense now.


So, for a few hours we ate, laughed and ate some more, our table was covered in food – from sushi and tempura to platters of meat and vegetables, there was no escaping how delicious everything was.


I thought that for this one I would hand over to my guests to share what they thought of the restaurant and so the review is now in their hands:

Seeing as I live with Middleeats, the secret part of the Secret Diners Club didn’t really apply for me.  But I had never been to Shabu Shabu and didn’t know what to expect. I loved the open kitchen and I’ll admit that my attention during the meal was split between the food and watching the chefs at work. The food was amazing and the staff were friendly and helpful. The soup was incredible and if you go you have to get it. However, I would also recommend the Dragon Sushi. It is delicious, but the only reason I ordered it is because it comes in the image of a Japanese Dragon!  /react-text  react-text: 2943  Loved the creativity of it! Can’t wait to go again.

 – Lucy Ward


I am a really fussy eater and going on this food experience was a bit worrying. But I had the time of my life and enjoyed every bite!!!!

– Ruaridh Fisken


Shabu Shabu: repetitive to the ear but not the taste buds. I’ve been looking for an affordable place for sushi, dumplings, and all that soy-drenched jazz for ages and this place is it. It’s not fancy, but it’s got that endearing Bur Dubai street corner charm to it that glitzy hotels can’t compare to – not to mention a quirky and cosy atmosphere of its own with bouquets of utensils and pots of soy sauce hanging overhead (just be careful when you stand up). It’s also bright enough inside to actually see your food, which is perfect until you leave the rice noodles too long in your table’s communal soup pot and they congeal intowhat looks a bit like a jellyfish with a cold. Seriously though, unlike our noodle-cooking skills, I cannot recommend this place enough.

– Annabelle Corton

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