Nightlife Review: Ten Street

On Wednesday JBR was treated to the opening of a great little local bar Ten Street, a Canadian inspired, laid back get away that has replaced the once popular Mai Tai Lounge. With graffitied walls, pool tables and a private karaoke room this almost sports bar offers so much more.


Ten Street features three huge pool tables – two free to play and one winner stays on masters table – a VIP area with a large screen TV for the best view of the game bar being sat in the stadium and a private karaoke with a twist. You can head to the flair bar and watch as the skilled bar tenders throw and flip bottles as they mix a potentially lethal cocktail or choose from one of their ten wines or craft beers. The DJ spins a great mix of tunes that will have you bopping along all night and you can take advantage of the red light rush every night with discounted drinks.

There is even a lucky wheel which you can spin to win, we got ourselves a 25% off food voucher and a pay it forward voucher – which I love, you get a free drink to give to a stranger, talk about meeting new people! I love the community hangout feel the people behind Ten Street have managed to create.


The menu is a short and sweet collection of Canadian pub grub, with shareable starters, mouthwatering burgers and large plates and delectable sweet treats.

We indulged in the poutine and cod goujons for starters – and not just because the names are fun to say – though I was a little disappointed by the poutine. For a place that markets itself as Canadian putting American cheese in the dish rather than cheese curds seems rather unacceptable to me and it looses its full effect. The goujons on the other hand were delicious, light and flavoursome with a perfectly crisp batter.

For mains we both went for burgers, mine the Little Miss Bunshine – the smallest burger on the menu – and my partner ordered the Eggers can’t be Cheesers, a pretty hefty burger piled high with bacon, eggs, cheese and hashbrowns. Both came with fries and both were delicious, though very messy so don’t expect to eat this one elegantly! Again the only downside was the American cheese…it’s completely tasteless.

A few drinks and games of pool later we had managed to make room for dessert, just. Opting for the Naimaimo Bar and the Cookies and Cream dessert cocktail we waited in anticipation. The bar was delicious, not too sweet, a perfect blend of textures and absolutely moreish, the cocktail…well that was something else. Thick, rich, cream and so decadent, I would suggest saving room for one; loaded with rum, creme de cacao, crushed oreos and topped with whipped cream this one is not for those counting calories!

So the long and short of it is that if you’re looking for some where to hangout with friends after work or to shoot some pool on a Friday, Ten Street should be top of your list.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

4 Camels

100 - 200

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