Why I am so Over Buffets

Buffets, the all you can eat and drink deals we know and love – more so if you live in Dubai, because after all, it’s a way of life – but I am so over them. Why you may ask? Well there are a few reasons:

Starting with the obvious, food wastage. This is not the kind of country that will give the leftovers to the needy and even though over Ramadan some of the bigger hotels started doing it it’s just not enough. I’m not just talking about the untouched stuff from the buffet either – one would hope that the hotel staff get dibs on that afterwards. The biggest thing that ticks me off is the people who go up to the buffet, pile their plates high with all the food they can possibly fit on it; like someone is going to take it away from them. Most of that food is left on the plates, untouched or half eaten, which means all of that stuff has to be scraped into the bin and dumped just because the diner’s eyes are ten times the size of their belly.

Another reasons I am starting to believe buffets are so passé is the quality of food. Sure some buffets are better than others but all of them have that same meh taste and quality that comes from sitting under heat lamps, in bain maries and out in the open for hours on end…even the live cooking stuff is fairly tasteless because it’s cooked as quickly as possible and not with the love and care of the kitchen. It doesn’t help that the dishes are all those that can be cooked en mass, when you have to churn out 6 or 7 giant portions over the course of the day you are limited in choice for what you can cook, no chef should have to do that.

It’s not just the food though; I love interacting with the staff at a restaurant, especially when they know what they are talking about but dining at a buffet you loose that personal touch. Aside from ordering drinks or calling your order over the counter at the live cooking stations you don’t get much opportunity to interact with the waiter and waitresses and it just feels a little clinical.

So maybe I’m just done with the famed buffet all together.


  1. Yeah. I’ve been to an event once with a buffet spread and watched the staff throw trays of food into a bin afterwards. I did a post on food wastage straight after that! I do still enjoy brunches though, quite guilty about that haha but would opt for the serve-to-table types!


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