Ramadan Juice Challenge: So Far

So we are 17 days in and honestly, it’s not that bad.

I know I’ve been a bit lax on the vlogging but in all honestly I find it really difficult and much more stressful than it should be. I’m not comfortable with myself in front of the camera so for the time being you’ll have to just read about how it’s going – sorry!

We are on day 18 now and fast approaching the end of the challenge and to be honest it hasn’t been that difficult considering what I had heard about the 28 days. The hardest day was the 11th when all we wanted was food but since then it’s been pretty easy going, the biggest pain is just cleaning the juicer twice a day, both Lucy and I have cut ourselves at least once.

In terms of health I think we’re both feeling much better and have much more energy to get up and do things, even in this heat. As far as my psoriasis goes it’s better, for the most part at least, I still have bad days but there is a noticeable difference in the itching and the pains in my joints which is very much welcomed. Though these 28 have caused a lot of other issues, namely a ridiculous number of spots and two cold sores in rapid succession of one another; I’m putting it down to a healing crisis and it’s my bodies way of pushing out the bad but I would really rather it found another, less painful and less obvious way of doing so.

I am pretty sure we’ve tried every juice in the book and while there are no absolutely awful ones there are those that are much better than the others – mostly the ones with berries in them are the winners.

We have already sat down and drawn up a meal plan to get back to eating regularly starting with a week of soup before moving onto salads and other vegetable based dishes for a week, then it’s a week of fish followed by chicken and meat. That being said, even when we do get back to eating meat it won’t be every night of the week and at each meal we will try to eat something raw. Not gluten, no chemicals, just clean.

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