Nightlife Review: Vintage

Indulge in a luxurious evening at Vintage, with plush sofas, smooth jazz and a fine array of cheeses and wines from around the world this timeless vino bar oozes with old world charm.


As luck would have it we arrived on fondue night which meant unlimited wine and a mouthwatering cheese fondue to dive into, what could be better? As we settled into our sofa – which I would recommend over the hard high seats if you’re planning on over indulging in cheese – we looked through the menu; a simple selection of offerings that all sound delicious, from the cold cuts to the cheese platters. We opted for the classic fondue and the Italian Cold Cut Selection – which includes prosciutto, parma ham, coppa and pancetta – to accompany the fondue bread and a glass of the sommeliers choice red wine; perfection.

The bar is classic, from the heavy wood decor to the low, romantic lighting, it’s comfortable and homely but with a touch of class and as you step through the doors you are met with the delightful (and thankfully not overwhelming) aroma of cheese. It’s not busy but a few tables are full with couples enjoying a romantic evening, groups of friends catching up and business partners having late meetings over a caquelon of bubbling cheese, everyone speaks in hushed tones but every so often, over the sound of a jazz piano bursts of laughter fill the air.


Soon our fondue was ready and arrived on the table bubbling; served with a generous bowl of toasted bread it smelt delicious. We got stuck in almost immediately, and with each piece of bread we scooped up the velvety mix of cheese and wine until we could eat no more, one pot could easily satisfy four people – or two if you’re feeling extra indulgent.

The platter of cold cuts was equally as generous as the fondue and served with sliced cornichon and pearls of pickled onions there was plenty to choose from. Each cut of meat was delightful, full of flavour and perfect when paired with the bread and the cheese.


Once we had reached our limit and knew that there was no more room for cheese we sat back, sipped from the delightful full bodied red we had been served and relaxed – until our wonderful waiter Daniel suggested dessert. Vintage has only a handful of choices when it comes to a sweet treat and, after much persuasion we opted for the creme brûlée – to share.When it arrived the plating was beautifully simple and the portion quite large, more than enough for two, and my only disappointment was that the sugar on top didn’t crack and was still quite grainy, but the custard was delicious.

All in all I couldn’t fault the evening, the impeccable, professional service, the delicious food and the fine wine, everything was wonderful. Not to mention now accommodating they are, I noticed at another table they had brought some gluten free bread to have with their fondue that the waiter was more than happy to take to the kitchen to be cut up and toasted – something I wish I had known earlier.

If you’re interested in heading down to Vintage you’ll find it at the Pyramids @ Wafi. It’s fondue night on Sunday and Monday from 7pm to 10pm at AED 145 per person or enjoy an evening of Moules Frites and sommelier’s choice of wine for AED 195 per person on Tuesdays; while Wednesdays offer a buffet of ham & cheese along with unlimited sommelier’s choice wine every for AED 185 per person.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

5 Camels

200 - 300

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