Dinner Review: Ceviche


a South American dish of marinaded raw fish or seafood.
Tucked away in a corner of DIFC, Ceviche will transport you to Peru in a heartbeat, from the Inca Cola they specially import to their fine selection of ceviches and other traditional and homely dishes it’s a surprise that this restaurant is so under the radar.

Stepping into the restaurant I expected something a lot different, just based on my previous experience of Peruvian cuisine but Ceviche is understated, with beautiful tapestries hung from the wall and a comfortable, home like feel. The restaurant is unlicensed, unlike the others in you find in the same building, so it boasts a much more laid back atmosphere than the likes of Mint Leaf just around the corner.
We browsed the menu for quite a while, it may be short but it is packed with flavoursome offerings – so be warned, you’ll have to come back more than once! We decided to try one of their namesake ceviche, the classic, though with neither of us being big fish people we were nervous. The dish arrived beautifully presented, a small mountain of fish swimming in a delicious pool of citrus and spice, accompanied by divine sweet potato and two types of corn choclo, a large white kernel variety from South America, and a smaller dried corn – try the little corn, it’s mind blowing. It was delicious, tangy from the lime with a kick from the chilli and the fish, almost cooked but not quite after it’s lime bath. The flavours were amazing, and while it may not have made me a full time ceviche convert I definitely wouldn’t turn my nose up at the chance to try it again.
As far as beverages go I can honestly say, if you don’t try the chicha morada you are missing out. This delicious Peruvian juice is made from black corn and is mixed with a wonderful blend of spices, it’s refreshing and warming all at the same time. If you’re more of a pop and bubbles kind of person the Inca Cola is awesome; imported specially from Peru it is one of the only places in Dubai that you can find this classic soda. With a flavour a bit like bubble gum or candy floss it’s bright yellow colour may be intimidating to some but trust me, a sip and you’ll be hooked.
On to the mains and this is where life gets tough. Trying to pick something from their menu of mouthwatering offerings does prove a little tricky – thankfully we had the wonderful chef there to guide us through what’s good (scratch that, it’s all good).
I was drawn to the Aji De Gallina, chicken breast strips with parmesan and a yellow chilli cream, I was intrigued. The other half went with the Lomo Saltada, a delicious steak dish stir fried with veggies. When the dishes arrived at the table I was stunned, my dish was nothing like I thought it was going to be, it was a beautifully simple plate of something that looked like risotto and some perfectly cooked potatoes all topped with the most intriguing looking poached egg I had ever seen. What looked like risotto was actually shredded chicken in the yellow chilli cream, it was smooth, packed with amazing flavours and easily one of the best things I have ever eaten in a Peruvian restaurant – I was instantly in love.
The Lomo Saltada was perfectly cooked and melt in your mouth tender, and with a side of perfectly cooked chips it was delicious. There portion sizes we perfect and filling and everything was beautifully presented.
If you live or work in DIFC or near by you can get Ceviche delivered to you through Deliveroo or just pop down to Emirates Financial Towers and enjoy one of the best, most comforting meals you will ever have.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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