Ramdan Juice Challenge: The Beginning

Today marks the start of Ramadan and so begins my 28 day challenge of juicing.

As the month goes on I will be following the Super Juice Me program from Jason Vale which means four juices a day, every day, no cheats, not days off, a solid 28 days.

This month I also plan on getting back to swimming and spending at least  few hours a week up at the Hamdan Sports Complex and using their 50m pool to get in a few lengths. As well as that I’ll be doing some strength training to get myself back on track.

My partner in crime Lucy will be doing the challenge with me – some of you might remember her from my Vegan Challenge last year – and so we will be going through the ups and downs together.

So, here are our current stats on when starting out:


Weight: 107kg

Mood: Up & down, mostly down

Energy levels: Low




Weight: 81kg

Mood: Okay but very lethargic

Energy levels: Low



Here’s to the next 28 days!

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