The Ramadan Juice Challenge

Some of you may remember that last year over Ramadan I set myself a challenge and went vegan, well this year I have set myself another challenge. During Ramadan 2016 I am going to be juicing; for 28 days I will have nothing but juice morning, noon and night.

Before anyone starts freaking out and warning me about the dangers of nutrition I would like to just say, don’t. I have spoken to a nutritionalist, I am following the Super Juice Me plan by Jason Vale and I have juiced before. I know the ins and outs, I know what to expect.

That being said I am really looking forward to these 28 days and seeing the effects when I am done. For me it’s not just about weight loss – though that is a plus – it is about Β healing myself, trying to get a handle on my addiction and moving towards dealing with my psoriasis.

I am excited to reset everything and hopefully start again from the beginning and you’ll be able to Β follow me and my best friend Lucy who is doing the challenge with me on YouTube where we will be vloging every day and of course on here where I will be sharing all sorts of things as well as my standard reviews and top tens.

I look forward to starting on this challenge and if you would like to follow me then you can search for #MEJuiceChallenge16 on all the channels or add me on snapchat @kimmag3 to see what’s going on day to day.


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