Lunch Review: Logma

Emirati cuisine; the UAE’s best kept secret.

In recent years the food favourites of the Emirates have exploded onto the dining scene in Dubai, and I have to say I love it, from the warm and soulful stews and curries to the flavoursome and succulent meat and rice dishes this is the stuff that feeds the nation and I can see exactly why.

Since opening it’s doors last year Logma, which means mouthful in Arabic, has introduced the community to Khaleeji treats in a way Dubai does best, with a modern twist. From it’s namesake fries tossed in spices and herbs to it’s freshly baked breads and desserts that you just can’t get enough of, the small menu is more than generous.

I was invited to celebrate their anniversary with a delicious lunch and since my last visit almost a year ago Logma has certainly found its feet in the food community. As the name on the lips of locals and expats alike when you ask where to get a taste of the Emirates this modern eatery has carved itself a comfortable niche.


The offerings may be limited to a few true classics from mouthwatering mixed Samboosas to the succulent Machbous Lamb but despite it’s limited choice you are never left wanting. Between two of us we truly feasted during our Khaleeji lunch.

We started with two salads and a serving of Logma Fries, these delicious morsels are tossed in the perfect blend of spices and crispy herbs; I dare you to try have just one. Their salad offerings are hearty and I never thought I would be so spoilt for choice by the salad menu! We couldn’t pass up the Mozzarella and Pomegranate or the Falafel – so we had both, each one was generous, well dress and packed with more flavour than you could imagine. If anyone knows how to make a salad it’s the guys at Logma.


Next the Machbous Chicken arrived and we could no wait to get stuck in; the aromatic flavours filled the air and the dish looked delicious piled high with yellow rice, spices, fork tender chicken, cashews and heavenly friend onions.


We some how even managed to find space for dessert, because no Emirati meal is complete without a healthy serving of Lugaimat. If you’re not familiar with this delicious sweet treat then let me explain, they are fried dough balls that are served in a heavenly date syrup (Logma also do them with Nutella for all you chocoholics).

Along with a pot of Arabic coffee we sat back, digested and took in the beautiful surroundings. Like stepping into a farm house with traditionally woven barasti lining the walls and the welcome sound of the oud playing through the restaurant there is something welcoming and homely about Logma without being overly touristy like many other Emirati eateries.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

5 Camels




100 - 200

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