10 Classic Dubai Restaurants You Just Have to Visit

The food scene in this city means we are spoilt for choice, and while all of these exciting imports  are the talk of the town, sometimes you can’t beat the classics.


1. Al Dawaar, Hyatt Regency

This forgotten gem on the far side of the creek Al Dawaar is the city’s only rotating restaurant giving diners a 360 view. While the decor may be a little dated it still holds on to it’s old world charm and with great food and views like no other this spot is perfect for wowing the in-laws.


2. Mini Chinese, Second December Street

From the fluorescent lights to the vinyl booths this little Chinese eatery may shy away from the standard dragons and lucky cats in favour of a modern diner style but the food is second to none. Choose from a menu of the classics including lemon chicken, chop suey and fried rice and enjoy the large portions and quick service.


3. Al Mallah, Second December Street

Arguably the best shawarma in Dubai Al Mallah is a time honoured favourite. Located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Satwa this impressive cafeteria is always busy. Order the shawarma, strawberry juice and a cheese and zataar manakish and thank me later.


4. Al Ustad Special Kabab, Meena Bazaar

A restaurant with more history than you could shake a stick at this family run favourite is somewhat of an institution. Since open its doors in the 70s Al Ustad has won the hearts and bellies of so many with delicious Iranian kebabs and simple home cooked food never mind the cheerful and friendly owners who keep every one smiling and entertained.

ravirestaurant_1_base 5. Ravi Restaurant, Satwa

The name on everyone’s mind when they’re in the mood for Pakistani food, Ravi. It’s cheap, it’s good and it’s never changed.


6. Al Reef Bakery, Al Wasl Road

When it’s three in the morning and you’ve had a heavy night Al Reef is the answer.

When it’s 8am and you didn’t have time for breakfast Al Reef is the answer.

When you’re on your way home and your other half asks you to get dinner on your way home, Al Reef is the answer.

Never underestimate a Dubai resident’s love of Al Reef bakery, it is the be all and end all of cheese bread.


7. Miyako, Hyat Regency

Dubai’s first Japanese restaurant, with it’s classic decor, fantastic service and delicious food this is the original. Igniting the sushi craze and burgeoning the teppanyaki fan in all of us this chic spot has stood the test of time.


8. Capri Italian Grill, Trade Centre Apartments

Classic Italian food and hospitality, stepping into Capri is like stepping into a time capsule on the ground flood of the Trade Centre Apartments. It’s slightly dated decor and true Italian trattoria style have kept it a firm favourite with the more seasoned expats.


9. Eat & Drink, Al Wasl Road

In recent years Eat & Drink has exploded all over the city with branches on almost every corner and for good reason. Aside from their delicious shawarma this street side eatery roasts the most succulent chickens that make the perfect grab and go dinner.


10. Automatic, Beach Centre

From the platter of whole vegetables to the warm, freshly baked bread, Automatic is a great spot for huge group meals, take aways and quick bites.


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