Menu Review: Tr!beca Goes Paleo

High in protein, good fats and handfuls of vitamins the paleo lifestyle is taking the world by storm.

Restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon left right and centre to give those who have embraced the Paleolithic way of life a chance to dine out without breaking their own rules.

With menus popping up all over the place and Tr!beca is the latest in the city to do exactly that.


The restaurant interiors feature reclaimed wooden crates that have been reworked into a statement ceiling installation and with the industrial lighting, mismatched bar stools and quirky New York art work, this JBR eatery resonates with it’s namesake Lower Manhattan neighbourhood bars.


I was invited to sample their new paleo menu additions and jumped at the chance; a complete meal where I didn’t have to panic about gluten, yes please!


Though the new paleo menu is limited, the food is unpretentious and brilliant, expect simple dishes packed with flavour and plenty of protein.

As we chatted the chef brought out the first of the dishes, a beautiful salad of blanched kale tossed in coconut oil, slices of poached chicken, mango, avocado and pecans then topped with shredded coconut; it was perfection. So simple but a definite winning combination.


Next was a salad of pan-seared salmon, served on a bed of lettuce with peaches, tomatoes, chopped walnuts and sliced green olives it was simply dressed with a walnut oil. The salmon was delicious (and I don’t even like fish) and when paired with the tangy peach and the crunch of the nuts I just could not get enough.


The mains began to arrive and once again the chef explained the dish with impassioned detail. The Zucchini Noodles, served in a delightful kale pesto sauce made with macadamia nuts, tossed with mushrooms and plum cherry tomatoes, it was amazing. Forget pasta, all pesto lovers need to dive into this. We also tried the Paleo Lasagne, an eggplant base layered with zucchini and a deliciously rich bolognese sauce.


Then the star of the show, the Beef Taglita. Though not a new addition to the regular menu, this light but hearty main consists of perfectly cooked, melt in the mouth tenderloin served on a bed of arugula and topped with roasted cherry tomatoes; served alongside it was a pot of basil pesto, the perfect accompaniment. I cannot even begin to describe the melt in the mouth flavours of the beef, and with the peppery greens, sweet tomatoes and decadent pesto it was a perfect amalgamation of fresh flavours.


Finally there was dessert, a Chia Pudding filled and topped with candied nuts this coconuty delight offers just enough sweetness to satisfy and it’s light enough that you don’t end up feeling stuffed by the end of the meal. With walnuts and pecans candied in honey this dessert is sugar-free and has the added benefit of being great for digestion (chia power!).


Tr!beca’s menu remains deliciously timeless, boasting classics like the T!beca Burger, Spaghetti Bolognese and Caesar Salad but embraces the new, introducing the city to a gourmet take on paleo dining. Whether you follow the lifestyle or not you won’t be disappointed, it’s not all limp salads and piles of mediocre steak and veg, there is a flare to these dishes that is bound to satisfy even the most discerning caveman.

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.


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