Food Truck Jam, Dubai’s Best Weekend Wind Down

This weekend the TruckersDxb held the first Food Truck Jam at Emirates Golf Club, the whole event was highly anticipated and I knew it was going to be incredibly busy and I had my doubts about the organisation, given the MixTape Rewind debacles.

We arrived at around 5:30pm, the brunch had finished and the free entry began. The grass was already quite busy and the parking was pretty hectic (perhaps next time advise guests to use public transport given the very limited availability). An old Chevy parked at the gate and 10 food trucks dotted around a central seating area twinned with the twinkling lights strung between trucks and over blankets, makeshift wooden palette tables and the acoustic sounds of local musicians made for a laid back evening with kids running around, laughing and playing, friends enjoying shisha and of course plenty of food.

In theory the whole event was wonderful, a perfect Saturday evening. But in actuality the evening was quite flawed; starting with the Facebook page. The events for both the food truck jam and the brunch that happens before it wasn’t particularly flush with information. A lot of people didn’t know how much the price is because it’s cropped from the cover image and the description mentioned very little information – that and the company organising it didn’t reply to many, if any, of the comments and questions leaving people confused.

Now moving on to the event, offering a brunch from 12pm to 4pm and then free entry from 5pm to 11pm it was no surprise that the trucks ran out of food by 8pm and the staff were fed up and not particularly friendly – I know I wouldn’t be if I’d been on my feet since 12. The lines were huge and no one seemed to be able to get the food out fast enough (a friend of mine spent over and hour in line for a grilled cheese) and only a couple of the trucks took card but no where did it say if they did or not so people queued before being turned away. There was no nearby ATM – just one in the club house up the golf course. It just made things a little inconvenient.

Our first stop was at Toasted, a food truck specialising in Grilled Cheese. It was almost 6pm and already a lot of the menu was unavailable. We placed out order and then waited, and waited, it didn’t help that there were only two people on the line. We got our food took a seat and tucked in. I was impressed. The bread wasn’t dripping in grease despite being brushed in butter before being toasted.

After eating we had another wander ’round to see what else was on offer, it was nice to see a mix of the old and new trucks, of course Moti Roti and Melt & Co. were there along with Yumtings, a truck that has made a big impact on the scene this seasons, as well as The Shelbi and GoBai, two trucks making their mark with fusion street food.

All in all, I have to say that TruckersDxb have got a good thing going here, it’s a great concept and once they iron out the kinks and the food trucks can stock enough food to last the whole day, I can see this being the next Ripe market.

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