Opening: The Coffee Club

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

Last week I attended the launch of The Coffee Club’s fifth branch in the UAE; tucked away on The Golden Mile, this Australian export is brewing big cups of great coffee.


Since opening in Brisbane in 1989 this coffee house chain has expanded internationally and is  bringing true Australian hospitality, great coffee and renowned breakfasts to the world. With a focus on sourcing sustainable coffee, good food and being the answer to “where will I me meet you?” The Coffee Club has made it their goal to become the household name when you’re looking to grab a bite.

When I arrived on The Palm, I found myself at a loss – I don’t know the palm very well and some how always manage to get lost navigating it – but I thought I had it this time, I knew where the Golden Mile shops were, I had been to the Golden Mile Galleria before. I arrived and I walked the entire length looking for the infamous Building 7 that was on my invitation. I walked and I walked, figuring I was going the right way; then I reach Shakespeare & Co. – the final shop on the Galleria stretch…so where was building 7?

I stepped outside and saw more apartments a little way down the running track, could that be it? Surely it must be. I started my walk and suddenly a wave of dread washed over me. What if these next buildings start at one again and 7 is right at the end of the stretch? I had come straight from the office, my bag was heavy with my laptop, tubs from my lunch and all the other nonsense I have to haul to and from work – my shoulder wasn’t loving the idea of having to carry that weight any further than absolutely necessary. So what I have to tell you – albeit in the longest way possible and I apologise – is that The Coffee Club is not in the Galleria bit, but the next building along (and my shoulder would like you to know that it was thankfully the first one out of those).

I arrived and was treated to a 24 carat cappuccino – yes real gold. I had the opportunity to chat to Michael Chick, General Manager of The Coffee Club  in the region, we talked coffee, Dubai life and living in Australia.


Throughout the night I enjoyed laughs, chats and good coffee and while we didn’t get to sample any of the cafe’s menu but rather enjoyed a selection of canapés and desserts, I can tell you that if you like coffee you’re in for a treat. From the semi industrial feel to the comfortable arm chairs Palm Jumeirah residents are in luck when it comes to lazy weekend breakfasts or mid week catch ups.


Don’t expect to find the gold cappuccino on the menu everyday though, unfortunately the cafe will only be serving coffees sans precious metals on a day to day.

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