Dinner Review: Mozzo Centrale

On a street in Jumeirah sits one of Dubai’s hidden gems; located on a strip that has played host to some of the city’s favourite and most notorious venues, Mozzo Centrale is a little slice of Italian charm.


Defining the concept of a neighbourhood eatery with it’s laid back atmosphere, a menu of family favourites and superbly friendly staff Mozzo Centrale has something you don’t always find; it has soul. From the quaint gingham tablecloths to the kitsch patio seating there is something so homely about the restaurant itself.

As for the food, expect to be well feed any time of day. With a breakfast menu served from 6AM as well as pizzas, pastas, burgers and other bites every dish is cooked with care and packed with fresh flavours. I was invited to visit the restaurant and we opted for dinner – it’s a great spot for an intimate meal with the other half that isn’t going to break the bank. We enjoyed every second of it.


After a lot of menu perusing we decided to start with the Insalata Caprese and Spicy Chicken Strips. Each dish was as good as the other, the salad was fresh and vibrant with delicious, choice mozzarella that was creamy and full of flavour – the chicken strips were perfectly crisp and served with a tasty jalapeño ketchup that had just enough of a kick to afford the dish it’s spicy title.


Next came the mains – obviously. The other half enjoyed an Alla Diavola pizza topped with dishes of pepperoni and thin slices of red chilli; it looked beautiful, a crisp base and gooey cheese…perfecto. I opted for their gnocchi dish, the Gnocchi Al Forno. Soft balls of potato with delicate goats cheese and roasted cherry tomatoes tossed in a butter-sage sauce. It was delightful and absolutly moreish, with each bite there was so much flavour and the dish was so simple, just pure fresh flavours. When I ordered our wonderful waiter offered me a sauce with it, he suggested a pink one, but I opted out and I am glad I did – I feel like it would have been much to heavy and marred the fresh Mediterranean flavours – sometimes less is so much more.


By the time the mains were done we couldn’t conceivably fit anything else in to our stomachs but our waiter insisted we try their signature dessert, a self proclaimed Decadent Angel Berry Trifle. A glass filled with angel food cakes, cream and berries. We took on the challenge, at least just a taste, but didn’t make it far – decadent was certainly right. If you’re planning on trying one have a salad for dinner, there’s no way you’ll fit it in otherwise.


So from the garden patio to the large communal table my final words on Mozzo Centrale are you have to go. With a breakfast menu offering four types of Benedicts, hand tossed pizzas all made in house and a wonderful team who will make sure you are well looked after there isn’t anything bad to say about it. Plus they offer a delivery service, so you don’t even have to leave your house to get great food!

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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