10 UAE Foodies you Should be Following on Instagram

Instagraming your dinner has become somewhat of an art form. It’s more than just snapping a picture of the table – there’s all sorts of shuffling, standing and contorting involved in those perfect insta-snaps.

Make your mouth water with some of these awesome UAE based Instagram accounts.

I Am Jhoysi

Fun, arty and delicious, all the things that make up I Am Jhoysi’s Instagram page.

Straight Up Bananas

Think mouthwatering food snaps and beautiful photographs.

The Scoop DxB 

For all things truly Dubai check out The Scoop Dxb’s instagram and be ready to plan your weekend.

Total Salads

One of the first fellow bloggers I met in Dubai and an Instagram full of healthy yummies, what’s not to love?

An Expat Abroad 

Being an expat in this city means new adventures everyday. Follow An Expat Abroad to take a peak at what it could be like.

Milli Midwood

Fashion, lifestyle, food, yoga, cocktail classes; you name it Milli has probably been there and snapped a picture.

Sukaina Rajabali

Food photography has never looked this good.

Paleo in Dubai 

Paleo or not this Instagram account will leave you hungry.

Food She Blogged

Take a trip with food adventurer Food She Blogged, but pack your eating pants, this will probably leave you hungry.

Thoughts Over Chai

This Instagram isn’t just about food or photos, it is packed with personality.

These accounts are in no particular order, check them all out, give them a follow.

Or check out the Middle Eats Instagram page for more foodie shots.


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