Fighting Food Addiction: Discovering Your Own Demons

In my last post I talked a little about cravings and touched on how my body reacts to not having something. This is a little more in depth on that.

I’ve had a bad start to the year and slipped quite quickly out of recovery, I keep getting myself back on it for a few days here and there but nothing lasting. This week I managed to go three whole days without wheat, until today.

Now this isn’t a post about relapsing and all the stuff that comes with that. This is a post about what happens when you abstain from trigger foods. On Friday I did really well, I had no wheat and I was fine, on Saturday I still had no wheat and I was alright but feeling a little grotty – no surprise. By Sunday I felt like death, I had a fever creeping in, aches and pains, on and off head aches, stomach aches and really, really sore joints (I suffer from bad joints in my hands and knees but this was stabbing pains in my fingers). Then on Monday I was feeling really awful, my neck was so sore I could barely hold my head up and my glands in my throat had swollen and do you know why? It is all my body’s way of throwing a little tantrum that it’s not getting it’s own way. I kid you not. My brain is convincing my body it is ill because Ed isn’t getting what he wants.

How do I know? Because on today when I slipped up and ate a piece of bread while at work I suddenly felt better, my fever disappeared, my throat stopped hurting and I felt fine. Cut to a few hours later and it’s all back again and I now have to also suffer through the repercussions of that bit of bread – cue nausea, sluggish feelings and restlessness.

I am determined though. Determined to not let Ed win. I will be sick if that is what it takes to get better and he can bitch and moan all he likes, he will not get his way.

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