Brunch Review: Picnic Brunch at Vida Downtown

Recently an article from the New York Times has been making the rounds on Facebook, the article claims Dubai brunches are somewhat of an institution and in a lot of ways they aren’t wrong. I can’t think of anywhere that does brunch like we do brunch here.

Enter Vida Downtown and their picnic brunch. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before this laid back gourmet food fest is the perfect spot for nibbles and grapes.


The brunch offers a delightful buffet of gourmet sandwiches, salads and even a moreish cheese fondue station. Add to that the huge cheese selection, pizza bar and trays upon tray of desserts and you’re in foodie heaven. Never mind the wine selection and cocktail table that offers you unlimited choices.

I appreciate a brunch where they bring the bottle of wine to the table rather than just by the glass – much less time spent chasing the staff. Plus with the food being so light you can just graze all day on bits and pieces and you won’t find yourself needing to unbutton your jeans in the cab home.


A few must tries would be their pizzas, light, crisp and really delicious (go for the pulled beef – it’s delicious), the turkey, cheese and pear sandwich is really yummy – and not very pear-y, and the grasshopper pie tastes like Baskin & Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream.

My only gripe with the whole experience was that the wait staff were a little slow and incredibly forgetful – three times we had to ask for 7UP before going and getting it ourselves and the same with the water.


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