Ten Great Recipes to Use up all the Extra Christmas Turkey

There’s always piles of food leftover on Boxing Day – and if you’re lucky a few days after too. So what do you do with it all? Here are some ideas to keep you going until you’ve finished it all:

1. Ham, Chedder & Cranberry Melt


Up your leftover sandwich game with Nutmeg Nanny‘s delicious sandwich that makes use of all that wonderful ham.


2. Cranberry & Apple Crumble


Use up some of that leftover cranberry sauce with this delicious apple crumble from Just a Taste; great for winter nights.


3. Cheesy Breakfast Stuffing Cakes


What better excuse to eat leftovers for breakfast than to make them into Well Plated‘s delicious stuffing cakes. through a runny egg on top and you’re golden.

4. Turkey salad & warm clementine dressing


For something a little healthier why not give Jamie Oliver‘s salad a try, great for when you just need something light post Christmas pig-out.

5. Brown Sugar Ham Steak


Call Me PMC brings us another one for using up that Christmas ham, serve it with leftover potatoes and veg – dinner done.

6. Cranberry Cheesecake Brownies


Why not switch things up with these cranberry, cheesecake brownies from Damn Delicious.

7. Turkey Parmesan Baked Rotini


A comforting pasta dish packed with delicious turkey from Rock Recipes.

8. Christmas Leftover Pie


Why not throw all of the best bits of your leftovers into a pie Paul Hollywood style – you don’t really have to make your own pastry, after all you’ve just slaved away making Christmas dinner!

9. Turkey Ramen Bowls


What’s better than noodles, soup an something light. Give Savoury Nothings’ recipe a go and have yourself a delicious Boxing Day.

10. Turkey & Chorizo Hashbrunchwithjoy_turkeychorizohash_1114_5

Whip up this quick and easy breakfast from Brunch with Joy on Boxing Day morning, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Make use of your leftover turkey, roasties and you could always throw in your left over piggies in blankets – if there are any.

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