Food Addiction: My Letter of Independence

Dear Ed,

For too long now I have allowed you to control my life and I can’t go on like this. For years I have listened to your lies and bad advice and I have let you muddle my thoughts but no longer. From this day on you can consider our relationship over, I don’t need you in my life, I don’t need you to be me, we are not one and the same.
When we first met I may have found comfort in our relationship, you may have been there for me and you did a wonderful job of convincing me that you had my best interests at heart but I have seen through your deception. I know the game you are playing and I don’t want any part of it.
I know that I have a way to go but with you in my life I will never get where I need to be and what I need is a life where we no longer speak, your opinion is not something I need to crave, your “helpful” backhanded comments will no longer control how I see myself or my life.
This is it, our relationship is over, I do not need your friendship, your comfort or your help. I am tired of hiding from my problems because if you, I am sick of choosing you over everything I really want because I know you, I will no life her give you that satisfaction.
Good bye Ed.

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