Food Addiction: Meet my Ed.

Who is Ed?

Ed is the little voice in my head who tells me I’m not good enough, the one who whispers in my ear to tell me I should eat it will make me feel better. Ed is the one I am trying to break up with.

Why Ed?

You’ll notice quite a bit that I talk about Life without Ed, a book that has been a massive eye opener and a great inspiration on my journey to get better and beat this addiction. In the book Jenni Schaefer talks about Ed as a person, a relationship she needs to end and I found it so relatable, it has made it real, something almost tangible and it means that I kind of have a way to track where I am going and how I am doing.

I have a lot of conversations with Ed. When I look back I realise that most of those conversations were very one sided, Ed just talking at me, getting in my head but recently I have decided it’s my turn to say something.

I know I must sound like a crazy person, talking about how I talk to my personified eating disorder like it really can talk back but you know what it works. As things stand right now I haven’t quite found a way to completely stand up to Ed but that being said at least I speak to him.


  1. You are doing great, I am very, very proud of you for taking ownership of your addiction and finding ways to break the hold it has had on you. Saying goodbye to Ed is not an easy thing to do but I think you now realise that he is not good for you. Love you to the moon and back xxxx


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