Recipe: Using up Your Leftover Chicken

I listen to a very interesting podcast the other day from Food52 where they talked about their fridge and freezer graveyards – all the things that get forgotten about from condiments to cheese nubs, things we just never deal with – and it got me thinking more and more about wasting food.

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a kick to use everything and save the moneys which has lead me to this, simple home made chicken stock. It may see a little stupid and pretty obvious to do it but if you really think about it most people now will just throw away what’s left of their Sunday roast and rather opt for overly salty, chemical filled stock cubes or powder; why?!

On Sunday my housemate and partner in crime and I cooked up a roast chicken and a small mountain of veggies, when we were done she damn near picked the chicken clean and we threw it in my trusty slow cooker with an onion, a few bay leaves and what ever else was left over from cooking – I think some of the roast sweet potatoes went in there too.

We left it over night and in the morning we had a house that smelt warm and homely, I left it all to cool and then that evening I spooned it all into a muffin tray, stuck it in the freezer and by the next morning I had perfect rounds of clean, delicious stock in a bag waiting to be used.

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