Recipe: A Hearty Paleo Breakfast

During the week everyone wants something that is  quick and easy to make – something that doesn’t involve faffing around in the kitchen for ages but is packed with protein and flavour this is a perfect way to get your energy for the day. This recipe is enough for two people to have a good, hearty breakfast, or any other meal for that matter.


200g diced sweet potato

250g minced beef

1/2 onion, diced

1 egg

1/2tsp cinnamon

1/2tsp nutmeg

Olive oil for cooking

salt & pepper

How to

  1. heat a little olive oil in a skillet, add the sweet potato and cover.
  2. Once the sweet potatoes have begun to soften throw in the onion and the mince, stir these together, add the spices and allow to cook until the potato and mince are full cooked through.
  3. Once completely cooked remove from the pan and fry your egg – I like mine over easy but still runny because the yolk mixed with the mince is the best.
  4. Once everything is cooked plate up, placing the egg on top of your hash.

You can of course create variations, I sometimes thrrow some spinach in, you could so it with minced pork and if you’re not paleo you could always add some sweetcorn.

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